Author Topic: Does each inbound links contribute to pagerank total?  (Read 89 times)

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Does each inbound links contribute to pagerank total?
« on: November 08, 2008, 05:23:48 AM »
Does each and every inbound link contribute to the overall pagerank total?
PageRank can be compared to a form of voting. A link to a given Webpage can be thought of as a vote for that page. Some documents with higher PageRank are viewed by Google as more important. The "votes" from pages with high Page Rank are given greater importance by Google - much more importance in some cases. Overall, the more inbound links pointing to a specific Web site, the stronger the PageRank will be. Many people interpret PageRank as a quantitative measure of link popularity.

Does the number of links from a page make a difference?

The total number of outbound links from a page does contribute to the amount of PageRank transferred to each receiving page. A Web page with twenty outbound links sends one twentieth of the total available PageRank flow to the receiving page. A document linking to only one other document sends all of the available PageRank transfer to the next Web page.
Is it important to have good PageRank?
Yes, because PageRank is one part of the Google algorithm that determines where your blog or website will appear in the search engine results. Higher PR pages, especially for competitive keywords, will often be listed higher, but high PageRank is only one of an estimated one hundred contributing factors in Google\'s algorithm. PageRank (PR) should not be considered the most important factor in search engine rankings. Quality content and relevant links are of utmost importance, but PageRank is certainly an important factor to take into consideration.

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Does each inbound links contribute to pagerank total?
« on: November 08, 2008, 05:23:48 AM »

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