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Melamine in Whey protein supplements
« on: October 05, 2008, 04:11:25 AM »
As to date, there are no reports about whey protein containing
melamine. But since there are whey products in the Philippines that
import chinese whey and some well known brands do source their whey
and or raw materials (milk-derived ingredients) from china. It is
possible that the whey is tainted with melamine to increase the
Nitrogen content, thereby increasing the protein concentration when

The Canadian Government has advised its travellers to avoid consuming
milk products (e.g. yogurt, ice cream, custards) made in China or
products with milk-derived ingredients made in China. Milk-derived
ingredients include whole milk powder, non-fat milk powder, whey
powder, lactose powder, and casein.*

The US Food and Drug Administration has not begun testing their
thousands of China milk products and its derivatives. **

This is very dangerous. Aside from the high protein content, which is
already dangerous, melamine will increase the risk ten-fold.

There are several whey items out there that source their whey from
China because it is cheap. But the taste is not that good compared to
European, canadian, new zealand and australian whey. I doubt the BFAD
and DOH will take notice of these whey products since most of them
are sold in the Black market. Right now the safest source are the
health food stores like GNC and Health express. But still you have to
ask them where the source of their whey came from. Suspect whey that
came from India as well. Although some came from new zealand, it can
only be the processing plant. The whey can come from China still.

So be wary where you buy your whey and make sure that they are not
expired because some do carry expired items. The melamine controversy
has been around for about 2-3 years now and it really reached its
climax in pet food supplements. The Chinese govt knew about the
practice of mixing melamine into milk products has been going on for
more than several years to make their milk more globally competitive.
I cant believe it at first when I heard that China is one of the
largest whey producers. If you look at it, how do they produce so
much milk yet they dont have indigenous milk producing cows? Canada
and Europe has strict FDA standards and they check for melamine for
several years.

So I guess the Canadian advisory stands. ... nated.html

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Melamine in Whey protein supplements
« on: October 05, 2008, 04:11:25 AM »

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Re: Melamine in Whey protein supplements
« Reply #1 on: October 08, 2008, 03:40:29 PM »
Thanks for this article... see we need to be very cautious about what we eat.


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