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Some Interview questions about Talend
« on: February 26, 2016, 01:52:11 AM »
Just sharing the list of questions about Talend. These can be possible questions during an interview.

Difference between tMap and tJoin component in Talend .
Difference between tAggregaterow and tAggregatesortedrow.
Difference between tJava,tJavarow,tJavaflex.
How to improve the performance of Talend job having complex design?
Difference between built in schema and Repository.
What is the declaration of method which we define in system routine?
What is XMS and XMX parameter in Talend?
How to resolve heap space issue in Talend ?
How to do the exception handling in Talend?
What is Default join for tMap.
What are the different lookup patterns available with Talend?
What is the basic requirement while updating the perticular table?
How to generate surrogate key by using Talend?
What is the use of Expression editor in Talend?
How to debug a particular Talend job.
What is context variable and context group?
How to pass the variables from parent job to child job and from child job to Parent?
How to forcefully exit the job.
Explain the use of tContextload.
How to execute multiple queries by using Talend?
How to do the multithreading while executing the Job?
What is hashmap in Talend and how to use it?
How to do the full join in Talend.Explain the steps.
How to do the right outer join in Talend? Explain the steps?
How the ELT database components are differ from ETL database Components.
How to use the external libraries in Talend?
How to pass data from parent job to child jobs through tRunjob component ?
How to load context variables dynamically?
How to Share DB Connection in Talend?
Skip Header rows and footer rows before load.
What is Incremental Load? Describe using Talend.
How can you pass a value form parent job to child job in Talend.
How to call stored procedure and function in Talend Job

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Some Interview questions about Talend
« on: February 26, 2016, 01:52:11 AM »

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