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Wage a job promotion campaign
« on: October 25, 2008, 05:20:28 AM »
Wage a job promotion campaign
by Romelda C. Ascutia

Have you been in your position for so long you can already request for a residence certificate? If you haven’t been promoted in years or, worse, have been passed over, you may need to reassess your situation, revise your perceptions and rethink your actions.

Experts say that many deserving but bypassed employees hold misconceptions about their work. One of these is that they think their actions should speak for themselves. But “doing a good job” is no longer a package deal with “getting promoted” in the corporate world, which is susceptible to globalization, technology and the flattery fraternity.

Nowadays you have to do much more than exceed performance expectations to climb up the career ladder. Here, seven tactics for upward mobility.

Ask for it. Make it known that you’re giving it your best because you have ambitions; otherwise, your boss might construe your silence to mean you are perfectly content to stay where you are.

Be prepared to compete. You may have to square off against other contenders, but you don’t have to fight dirty. Back stabbing or rumor mongering will not help you any. What will is loyalty, but you have to draw the line between fidelity and sycophancy. It is more important to be respected than liked.

Build your network. Networking can give you the inside scoop on upcoming company promotions, openings and other movements. Align yourself with successful peers and those in higher positions, since they often have the clout to help you move up. If possible, find a mentor who can provide advice and guidance.

Keep up with what’s going on. It won’t hurt your chances to know and to support your company’s priorities and stay updated on industry news, developments and events. Don’t allow your skills to get rusty either; continue to be a lifelong learner and expand your knowledge and abilities.

Volunteer. Requesting for more challenging projects and demonstrating your capability to deliver will prove to the higher-ups that you\'re a person who can get things done.

Beat your own drum. There’s no room for reticence in the workplace. Don’t pass up opportunities to assertively-but tastefully-promote yourself. Send regular progress reports to your superiors on programs you’re handling. Make known any notable accomplishments you pulled off (but share the limelight with people who helped you, which demonstrates your team spirit).

Maintain a work portfolio. Document everything you do that proves you’re an asset to the company-records of all work-related accomplishments, samples of outstanding work, letters of commendation, high evaluation scores and other evidence of good performance.

When all else fails
Hopefully, your renewed efforts at self-marketing will be amply rewarded with a congratulatory memo on your promotion. But what if they are not?

Don’t force the issue. Avoid issuing ultimatums about what you will or will not do. Even if this forces management to give you a better position, it and will forever strain your relationship with your employer.

Consider making a lateral move. If a shift upward is not possible, a step sideways may be your next best option. Transferring to another department or even a sister company may open doors that were closed to you where you are.

Move out. If despite your efforts your career remains at a standstill, it may be time to get out. Some people have found the appreciation and advancement they sought only when they moved to another firm.

When is it time to let go? You might consider it time to quit if these factors are present: You have not been promoted in three to five years, have been legitimately passed over, and your relationship with your superior is not good, which means he or she won’t be in a hurry to lend you a helping hand up.

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Wage a job promotion campaign
« on: October 25, 2008, 05:20:28 AM »

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