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Hi markreceno
« on: July 14, 2010, 08:40:17 AM »
Hi markreceno,

Welcome to Techronnati, the discussion community about Technologies, Software and Hardware Trends, Business Intelligence, Social Networking, Programming and Money Matters!

Techronnati is creatively designed to meet the minds of IT Professionals. Whether you are working as a fulltime programmer, a freelance developer, quality assurance analyst or looking for job, Techronnati is the site for you.  What unites everyone here is the desire to communicate, collaborate, share experiences and  learn about emerging trends in Information and Communications Technology.

Please take the time to explore Techronnati in full: from blogging to discussion forums, live IRC chat to social networking, we just know you'll soon be a valuable member of our growing community.

Whether you're here seeking help with computer troubles or are an advanced software engineer, it's great to see a new face. We hope that your time at Techronnati will be both enjoyable and helpful, for everyone!

Enjoy your stay, markreceno.

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Hi markreceno
« on: July 14, 2010, 08:40:17 AM »

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