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Dissidia: Final Fantasy
« on: November 05, 2008, 07:14:32 PM »
Dissidia: Final Fantasy\'s genre has been described as "dramatic progressive action" and its graphics will be in three dimensions. It will have wireless one-on-one gameplay and fights revolving around the use of individual special skills of characters to do damage to opponents. Players can also customize their characters with equipment.[3]

Character movement is fully functional within the three-dimensional field map. Characters are able to perform special maneuvers using the environment, similar to the Reaction Command gameplay element of Kingdom Hearts II. Traps are scattered around each of the stages that decrease the Brave points of the character who activated them.

The overall objective of the game is to reduce the opponent’s HP to zero. This is done by attacking them using either of two attack types; the single-hit HP attack and combo-able assist attack; using the square or circle buttons on the PSP game controller respectively. Brave is the stat that determines each character\'s attack power. A character whose Brave points have been depleted can enter something called "Break mode", giving them a method of attack despite having no Brave points.

Another element known as EX Mode enables a character to inflict massive damage to an opponent. Each character has an EX gauge that increases by obtaining an item known as EX force that appears in each stage. A player enters the EX mode by pressing square and X on the gamepad when the EX gauge is filled. Performing a combo during EX mode allows a character to unleash an unavoidable special move called an "EX Burst", similar to the limit break in the main Final Fantasy series.

There are several tactics the player should be aware of in battle. Moving around and jumping is essential. Some characters even have triple jumps. The characters have a different set of attacking methods: HP attacks and Assist attacks without pressing a direction, HP attacks and Assist attacks while pressing a direction, HP attacks and Assist attacks in the air and so on. These attacks are significantly different from each other as some attacks are short range while some are long range, some are fast to initiate, while some are slow. The R button is guard and pressing X with R is a quick dodge. Certain characters can dual-wield by pressing the R button and the triangle at the same time. [4]


The game will unite both protagonists and antagonists from installments of the main Final Fantasy series. Chaos will also make an appearance as the god of darkness, while a new character, Cosmos, will appear as the goddess of light. It is unknown, however, if these two will be playable or not. Recent articles released in Japanese magazines have stated that the game will have a storyline that requires playing through all of the characters to complete. There will be a minimum of twenty playable characters, and hidden characters are a possibility. Characters can gain customizable equipment, and will also be able to earn experience, gain levels and gil.[5]. Characters will have alternate costumes, including Squall\'s SeeD uniform, Firion\'s red caped costume from one of his Amano designs, and a design change for the Onion Knight that makes him resemble Luneth from Final Fantasy III DS.

Some of the characters are confirmed to have different forms in their EX modes, as well. Warrior of Light from Final Fantasy can transform into his upgraded class form (as bestowed by Bahamut in the game). Onion Knight from Final Fantasy III can transform into a Ninja or a Sage, the most powerful job classes from the NES version of the game, and Cloud of Darkness appears in her original green form with her two serpent minions.[Additionally, Cecil from Final Fantasy IV switches between his Paladin and Dark Knight jobs.[8] Golbez can fuse with his Shadow Dragon, the latter also seen in Final Fantasy IV. Exdeath can transform into his tree form, as seen in Final Fantasy V, and utilize the powers of the Void. Terra from Final Fantasy VI can morph into her Esper form. Ultimecia from Final Fantasy VIII can fuse with her Guardian Force, Griever. Zidane and Kuja from Final Fantasy IX are shown in their Trance forms[10], while Jecht from Final Fantasy X transforms into Braska\'s Final Aeon.

Summons have also been confirmed to appear in the game and they will be accessible using Summon Stones. There will be over 50 types of summon in the game and they will all do completely unique things to affect a battle. So far Ifrit and Carbuncle have been revealed on the Japanese website of Dissidia.

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Dissidia: Final Fantasy
« on: November 05, 2008, 07:14:32 PM »

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