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Audition Online
« on: November 09, 2008, 01:40:25 AM »
Audition Online first originated as a popular comic, called Audition, that is read by young adults of South Korea. With the inspiration of the comic, T3 Entertainment created Audition Online alongside with Yedang Online. The game originated in South Korea, where Audition Online gained its popularity. As popularity increased, T3 Entertainment and Yedang Online began localizing the game in other regions including China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, Japan, Philippines, North America, Thailand, Taiwan, South East Asia, Vietnam, Brazil, United Kingdom, and Remaining European Countries including publishers who licensed the game in Europe. Audition was also released to a "global" audience at one point, which largely consisted of American and Vietnamese players. Updates to Global Audition were stopped due to hacking and so the server was shut down. The Latin American (Spanish) version of the game is being hosted by axeso5 in association with Latin Interactive Network. Audition Korea continues to be the most updated version with a very large support base and weekly updates.
Audition Online is free to play, using the popular Virtual Asset Sales which is a cash shop system that allows users to use real money to purchase in-game clothes, accessories, etc. to dress up their avatars. The game is similar in effect to Bust A Groove but because this game features online connectivity, it is referred to as a multiplayer online casual game.
Electronic Times Internet, an IT news website, reported that Audition reached 50 million registered users in China, with 500,000 concurrent players. Baidu, a Chinese search engine, revealed that Audition ranks first in all its searches, and is ahead of games like Crazyracing Kartrider and World of Warcraft.

Gameplay Features
A person makes a room, chooses whether it is password protected or not, and then people join that room. The \'DJ\' (the person who creates the room) then selects a song (e.g. "Beautiful Liar"), sometimes according to the other people\'s wishes. The DJ also selects a background, such as a basketball court, and then selects the type of game (later explained in this article). The songs have different tempos, with faster ones like "Our Velocity" (192 bpm) and "Love Mode" (190 bpm) being harder to follow and slower ones like "Don\'t Give Up/Can\'t Dismiss/I Cannot Abandon It/Can\'t Throw It Away" (84 bpm) and "U Know" (90 bpm) being easier.
By following the arrows displayed on the screen (with the exception of red Chance arrows, which the player must do the opposite of) and pressing spacebar or the control key on the 4th beat, the score is calculated. The more accurate the spacebar or control key is pressed on the 4th beat, the more they score, or a better praise, "Perfect" (with multipliers) being the best. The player with the most points in the moment of a game will have the character in the front and most visible part of the stage.
A special move during most gameplay modes is the "Finish Move". If a person does not miss the move before it, they have the option to do the "Finish Move". Finish moves issue a lot of points and can often be the key to success.
When a player does 2 or more PERFECTs consecutively, he will get bonus points for doing so. These PERFECT combos (or "Perfect chains" as some call it) enables players to interfere with the opposition. A blue circle indicates that you made a perfect in your move, and thus acts as a shield. When a player does a perfect X1 (or perfect X2 in some cases), they will make the other player, which has a standing either in front or behind them, receive a yellow circle. While under the yellow circle, points will not be given if that person does not hit a perfect (in a finish move it reduces a percentage rather than the whole move). In addition, players can increase their points by playing \'chance\'. This can be activated by pressing the delete key or the . key on the number pad whereby red keys appear and players have to press in the opposite direction of the red keys. At the end of the dance battle, the person with the most points will land first place. Each player will receive experience points and Den/BEATS according to what place they scored.
If a single/group game (not including NPC, One-Two Party and Beat Up modes) is full, while also having the music set to random, a random event will occur. This is where bonuses are given if you accomplish a certain challenge. Examples are not getting a specific beat judgment (e.g. no COOLs or no BADs), getting perfect combos (e.g. PERFECT X3), or getting a standing (e.g. getting number 1). The music can be random, random(new), or random from any range of tempos.
Chance levels (Korean Audition as of January 14th, 2008, AuditionSEA as of July, 2008)
There are chance levels from 1 till 6. With the addition of Chance levels, the DJ can now set a standard number of red (opposite keys) arrows a player will face when they use the chance mode. The choices range from 0 to 6. Alternatively the DJ can select the free chance mode which will allow players to cycle through the levels at their leisure. The more red steps a player clears, the more points they will score. The ability to choose your own level of difficulty adds a new level of strategy and can greatly stratify scores between weak and strong players. In addition, whether or not players are using chance and their current chance level are displayed next to player scores during the game.
Microphone function (Korean Audition)
Recently there is a new function that allows the player to interact within the game using a microphone. There are settings for the player to set whether he/she wants to be muted, adjust the volume and so on.
Server-side exclusives
Different Audition Online servers around the world have their own unique features added-in for gameplay modification and visual enhancements:
Korea, Indonesia, and China - Lyrics
America - DJ Booth, which gives a bonus amount of in-game currency to the user and any other player that joins his/her room.
Philippines - Music Ticket, which gives access to hear Phiilippines exclusive songs. They are playable without this item, but will be replaced with a metronome.
Difference between Full client and Reduced client
Although there are more than 16 Audition version throughout the world, it\'s believed that there are two different Audition Client - the Full client and Reduced client. Most Audition versions now run the Reduced client with lack of interesting and cool add-in features, like the number Dance Moves (Only around 2150 moves comparing to 3300 moves from Korean Audition). This also resulted in no new Beat-Up Dance Moves, while officially Korean Audition has added new 3 cool Dance Moves. Another function is the ability to remove in-game Texture while dancing, like Notes Bar, Rhythm Bar, Score, Replay Sign, Character\'s name... by hitting CTRL + TAB key - only Korean and China Audition enabled this function for now. It doesn\'t matter which season Audition is running - even SEA, Indonesia and Vietnam client has upgraded to Season 2, these features are still unavailable.

Fashion Shop
In similar fashion to many of the Microtransaction based online games, Audition features an item shop in which players may customize the look of their character. Players may choose from a variety of hairstyles, shirts, pants, shoes, faces, and miscellaneous items (not all items are available in every edition of Audition). The in-game rewards system is called Den, or Beats in the American version of Audition. In every game in which a player competes against or with another player, a Den/Beat reward is given at the end of the song as long as a player achieves a rank higher than miss on a certain amount of bars (amount of bars required varies between each mode). Players may redeem this Den/Beats for the clothes and accessories in the Fashion Shop.
In addition to Den/Beats, players may use the Cash system. By purchasing Cash through Audition\'s online payment system, players may buy Cash items in the Fashion Shop. Many of the items in the Fashion Shop are only available if bought with Cash. Different forms of payment are used to get cash, including PayPal, M-Payment, and various Prepaid Card and Code systems.

Game Modes
There are many game modes including single, group and battle party modes, available in Audition Online. They have different characteristics allowing players to compete in different skills. Some modes such as Beat-Up and One-Two Party, has game-plays that are unique to the other game modes.
Single modes are essentially a free-for-all where each individual plays and competes to get the highest score in the room. Group modes, on the other hand, require co-ordination between players to win the game. Battle Party modes are avenues for players to earn Den/Beats by competing against NPCs. There is also a story mode that consists of missions that are continued by stories. This mode allow players to explore more about the game alone.
New modes, such as Beat Rush and Club Dance II, are currently being released as the game develops, providing players with new features constantly.
Single Modes
Practice (4 and 8-Key)
Normal Individual
Freestyle Battle
Crazy Freestyle
Expert Choreography
Choreography-C (4 and 8-Direction)
Dynamic (4 and 8-Key)
Crazy Dynamic (4 and 8-Direction)
One-Two Party
Beat-Up Mode (4 and 6-Direction)
License Mode
Story Mode
Group Modes
Normal Group
Sync (4 and 8-Key)
Choreography-C (4 and 8-Direction)
B-Boy Battle (4 and 8-Key)
Couple Dance (4 and 8-Key)
Expert Couple Dance
Dynamic (4 and 8-Key)
Night Dance (4 and 8 Direction)
Crazy Dynamic (4 and 8-Direction)
Club Dance (4 and 8-Direction)
Club Dance II (4 and 8-Direction)
Wedding Party
Love Party
Ballroom Dance (4 and 8-Key)
Special B-Boy Battle (4 and 8-Direction)
[Battles: 1:1 Lead, 2:2 Serve, 3:3 Team]
Beat-Up Team (4 and 6-Direction)
Battle Party Modes
Battle Party (Single and Team)
Couples Battle Party
Beat-Up Battle Party (4 and 8-Direction)
Union Battle Party (4 and 8-Key)

Profanity in song lyrics
In some Audition Online editions including Audition Philippines, AuditionSEA, and Audition America; profanity was removed or censored from the lyrics of some songs. This profanity was found on numerous Audition songs, including songs produced for the game itself. In most cases, these songs were either remixed, or censored. Although most songs were censored, Nexon decided to completely remove some offending songs from Audition America. These changes were brought about in order for the game to retain a content rating suitable for ages 10+ which is supposed to be Audition Online\'s main market. However, numerous songs added by Nexon themselves contain profanity.
[edit]Audition America\'s Story Mode
In comparison to other Audition Online editions, Nexon\'s version of \'Story Mode\', translation errors aside, has over-challenging NPC\'s throughout the beginning chapters [1-20], although Story Mode is available to those who reach level 6. Because of the lack of core Audition songs, due to issues with profanity in lyrics, or whether it be the copyright issues due to a used chorus, majority of the songs that are used in their place are too fast, or off sync for the average player to complete. It is unknown whether or not Nexon planned to enable Story Mode with this difficulty.
[edit]Price changes for outfits in Audition America
Another drastic change in Audition America was the removal of certain popular outfits in Audition for reasons unknown, but possibly related to cultural reasons. Some of the outfits removed are the Autumn Outfit sets for girls and guys as well as the Ancient Korean outfit. Also, the pricing for other outfits were also changed for example, hip hop jeans which now cost 25000 Beats or otherwise known as Dens (another currency in Audition Online) was originally priced at 3000 Beats. Also, compared to Korean NPCs in NPC Battle Party. The den earned for winning afford den outfits.
[edit]Price changes for all items in Audition Vietnam
Since the May 2007 patch in Audition Vietnam (6034 patch), all game Items have been re-marked with higher price of 20% as its original price. Later on, no more DEN items are updated - instead, many new items which officially DEN Item from Korean Audition, are changed into Cash Item. Resulting in endless complains from Vietnamese, this didn\'t stop the publisher VTC Online from adding expensive Items more and more - especially some of popular items marked with "V.I.P" title, which cost a lot of Cash to buy. Newest DEN-to-Cash Items are the Motion Cards, which cost 10000 DEN each in Korea Audition, but cost 840 Vcoin (around $5, Permanent Use) each in Vietnam Audition
[edit]Advertisements in Audition Korea
Compared to the rest of the Audition series, Audition Korea has perhaps the biggest amount of advertisement promotions throughout its entire run. Ranging from replacing the Audition symbol with its current sponsor (Basic House, Sunkist) to more direct ones like Demi-Soda (where the winner in team choreo and non special modes would open up a can of Demi-Soda and drink it. Also there was the ad at the end of the song). T3 Entertainment also sells some real life merchandise based on Audition as well as Outfits based on real life converted into Audition form. Also Audition Korea\'s new patcher has got advertisement in it.
[edit]Artist-related Promotions
Nexon released a patch on June 3rd, 2008 that introduced an artist spotlight promotion which featured songs, including recent releases by Natasha Bedingfield, along with modified stages which have various portraits of the pop diva. There is also a special Battle Party occasion when players can dance with Natasha Bedingfield replacing the chosen Battle Party NPC. There has been notice of negative feedback from the players about this patch, and as a result the game masters have provided a thread in the Nexon Audition forum on receiving opinions from the players on what Nexon should do in future patches.[1] As Nexon continues patching Audition on a regular basis, they also change the artist spotlight promotions. As of July 1, 2008, a new patch was released with a promotion of the band Lifehouse. 3 new Lifehouse songs were added, as well as modified stages with pictures of the band.
[edit]Philippine Music Ticket Item in Audition Philippines
There is an in-game item called the "Philippine Music Ticket" in the Philippine version of Audition and is required to play selected OPM (Original Pinoy Music) songs that are available. Only players who have the said item will be able to actually play the selected songs, otherwise the music will not play and will be replaced by a metronome. The said feature caused several complaints[2] from the players. Another complaint is that the said in-game item is expensive and is not available indefinitely, not to mention that there are very few OPM songs available. The said OPM songs were also played even in Random music selection, which causes everyone without the ticket to hear metronomes during the game, instead of the actual music. Players have been suggesting E-Games (the Philippine Audition publisher) to either decrease the price of the OPM Music ticket, add more OPM songs, or completely remove the said item.
[edit]Bugs Bids Farewell to Audition
After 2 years since Bugs closed it\'s door for Global Audition it has done the same for it\'s Korean site. On October 23rd, 2008 at 12:09 pm, Bugs had brought online their farewell page. Around 2-3 pm Bugs officially closed down their Korean audition site and has officially dropped out of the Audition business. existed no more and automatically redirects to Bugs\' help desk. It\'s members were transfered to ClubAudition. Though the accounts were transfered, a new account had to be made for ClubAudition. Due to the re-registration for ClubAudition, it required a KSSN which Bug\'s foreigner players did not have.

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Audition Online
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