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Angels Online (or Angel Love Online) is a free-to-play PC and PlayStation 3 2D massively multiplayer online role-playing game developed by UserJoy Technology in Taiwan, and published by Q Entertainment.

The Windows version was released in Taiwan in June 2006. A Japanese version of the game was released in December 2006. The PlayStation 3 version was released, on the Japanese PlayStation Store, on September 25, 2008, &s a free download and followed the same pay-per-item model as its PC counterparts.

The story of the game is based in a land called Eden, a reference to the ancient garden in the Bible. The game lore states that long ago, there was no difference between the human world and heaven, that every corner was filled with happiness... that is, until something unexpected happened. The Archangel Lucifer apparently fell in love with a girl whom was already in love with another angel. Soon enough, jealousy consumed Lucifer until he lost his mind, transmuting the girl into dew and the angel into starlight. He knew that he would soon be punished by God, so he gathered a rebellious army of angels to attempt to overthrow the reign of good. Unsurprisingly, he and his army lost and were forever expelled into hell. Ever since then, he had been plotting his revenge, establishing a demon training camp to gather his forces for his strike against heaven. Even worse, he believes now is the time to initiate his plan. It is here that the player comes in...

Job Classes
There are many different types of jobs in Angels Online which are divided into three major groups or systems; the Combat System, the Magic System, and the Production System..

Combat System: The Combat System composes of the job classes that deal physical damage, whether up-close or from afar. They wear heavy armor referred to in the game as "Garment", the sole exception being the Archer class which uses leather armor referred to in the game as "Mantle". The Combat System includes:

Protector: The class with the best physical defense in the game. They prove to be the most effective tanks when it comes to physical attacks due to their high defense and HP. They fight with axes or hammers and use shields to increase defense. They are quite slow, susceptible to ranged attacks (particularly that of magic due to their low magic defense), and have incredibly low MP. They have also been known as the most popular choice for the high attack of axes and one of the strongest stances in the game called panther kill 5 that will kill most lower lvl than you in 1 hit and same lvls in 2 to 3 hits with range.
Warrior: The class with the best damage. They use dual axes or hammers to deal large amounts of damage (albeit at a slow rate) and have fairly high HP and can be a substitute tank in case a Protector is unavailable. Like Protectors, they are slow (although not as slow as Protectors are) , have low MP, and are susceptible to ranged attacks.
Spearman: The class with the best damage to heavily armored enemies. Their advantage to armored foes comes with their weapons which are either spears or something relatively similar like hooks or scythes enabling them to deal damage while ignoring some if not most of an opponents armor if the proper stance is used. Unlike the Warrior or Protector, they have less defense and HP but higher MP enabling them to use skills more efficiently. They are best used in a team to help deal damage to monsters. Like all Combat System classes (the one exception being the Archer), they are susceptible to magic and ranged attacks unless a hybrid skill build is used.
Swordsmen: The class with the highest amount of speed, agility and DPS (damage-per-second), they are considered the mobile force of an army. They excel at using twin swords or daggers to deal large amounts of damage in a small amount of time. Their durability in battle is sacrificed for their great mobility and thus, should be used in a team.
Archer: The only class with a ranged physical attack, excelling at long-range combat, but utterly doomed in close range combat. They use either bows or catapults (miniaturized versions are used which look surprisingly like slingshots) along with ammunition to attack from long distances. They are considered as support fire since they can deal a large amount of damage from afar without getting hurt... that is, considering something else is keeping the target/s\' attention away from him/her/them or a large group of them are firing at the same target. They are also the only Combat System class to use Leather armor. They have low HP and MP but balanced defense for both physical and magic attacks. Also, should a player choose to fight alone using an Archer, they will have to employ the famous "hit-and-run" technique. This is surprisingly difficult seeing as the only way you can attack a monster is by left-clicking it, there is no attack command and the only way to successfully initiate an attack is by using a stance, followed immediately by a regular shot which may as well give the monster enough time to catch up... this taken into account, Archers are without a doubt, really, really fast, also you should change the mantle skill to garment so that you will have a high defence even if you are an archer.
Magic System: The Magic system composes of the job classes that deal magical damage to enemies, heal or "buff" (provide positive effects) players. They wear extremely light and comfortable armor having high resistance to magic but very low resistance to physical attacks, referred to in the game as "Vestment". The Magic System includes:

Summoner: They wield the most potent curse spells and summoning spells. They can also control dark forces simply with their extraordinarily strong willpower. They are almost never seen in combat without their undead familiars, able to control them due to their extraordinary will power. Whether it be skeletons, mummies, demons or whatever creature can be stirred up from the bowels of Dark City, they will loyally serve them to death (or, in this case, till they are defeated or dispelled). Their powerful curse spells and the ability to summon monsters as previously said came from learning the art of summoning and death magic which originated within Dark City. Although they have powerful familiars, they do only a fair amount of damage and are best used to cause enemies negative buffs while their familiars do the fighting for them. This is near impossible to do, however, seeing as the only way a familiar will attack is when it\'s master is threatened, such as when he/she attacks a monster. Although they harbor summons and curses, their offensive power is slightly weaker than others and their familiars are their strength.
Wizard: They are committed to studying chaos and relish use of their destructive spells. They are the international symbol of damage and destruction. The class with the most powerful but energy consuming spells. Their destructive power had come from the ravaged and naturally dangerous deserts around Iron Castle city. Due to the strong nature of their power, it consumes a lot of MP, which means they must either rely on potions, be in a team as high-damage member, or possibly hope that the enemy dies before they can do much damage.
Magician: They are pure in their devotion to the arcane arts, amicable and their communication with the elves and nature is strong. The class that is known as the balance between all classes of the Magic System. They possess strong nature-based spells (though not as powerful as a wizard), some recovery spells, the ability to mislead monsters, temporarily turning them into their pets, and the spell unique to them all, their ability to turn into animals. This strong bond with the natural elements come from their history with the ancient ancestors of Breeze Woods city. Strangely, they also possess some melee combat abilities in case their MP goes to low (albeit for lasting for a few seconds only). They don\'t excel in any field of magic, although they are versatile, they are best used for small parties, or if on their own, should have a pet or misled monster for help.
Priest: They are passionate about life and their faith. They can lay calming hands on you to heal even the gravest wounds, and also wield potent defensive spells, as well as life spells. The class that is the least damaging but most sought-after character, they are the support members that keep everyone alive or make them stronger than before. This strong passion for helping had come from years in studying the arts of Life from Aurora city. Even though they possess powerful healing spells, they lack power to blast a hole into monsters and can\'t survive very long if left on their own without help or healing.
To balance out the game, Mages lose out to Archers, while being strong against other melee classes. Archers therefore are weak against the melee classes.

Every player starts in the Angel Lyceum, a college to train Little Angels (the players) to become Angel Protectors to guard Eden against Lucifer. It is here that the player learns all the basic functions such as equipping items (also where the starting equipment is received such as the players\' uniform and weapons), the interface, buying items, fighting, the map, quests, and is also the place where the player chooses his/her job (unlike most RPGs, players can immediately become whatever job they prefer without starting out as a novice, requiring a special quest to advance to a new job class and/or level requirement). Once the player finishes the tutorial, they are teleported to the campus of the Lyceum to begin registration with Director Wolay. Once a player has met their Angel\'s Tutor and received the signatures of the Battle Professor, Magic Professor, and Mine Professor, they can start accumulating student credits on campus by doing lessons (composed of either defeating a certain number of a monster or collecting/manufacturing a certain amount of an item). The student credit\'s primary purpose is to determine whether a student can now graduate or attend the Top Student Training, although players use this to attain large amounts of experience. Although the Lyceum Training is completely optional, it is recommended that players do, as leveling up will be significantly harder if they don\'t attend.

When a player has accumulated five student credits or more, they can now graduate and leave the Angel Lyceum to become an Angel Protector in their chosen city. During the graduation ceremony, the player will be taken to see the Archangel (and leader of the Angel Lyceum) Michael to receive their 2nd Class Graduation Certificate (or Top Student Graduation Certificate if the Top Student Training is completed) then talk to the four Angel Protectors (one for each city/faction) to choose their city/faction (this is not permanent since players can change their city/faction at the Angel Lyceum for a fee of 4,000 gold or 2,000 if the city/faction is lacking freshmen) or learn about each city\'s/faction\'s geographical location and characteristics before making their decision. Once the choice is made, the teachers and other faculty will bid the player good bye and the player will instantly be teleported to their chosen city/faction to register with its City Angel.

Top Student Training
You should have fifteen acumulated points for you to take the top student training. An optional though useful quest for players when they reach fifteen student credits or more is the Top Student Training. Although helpful to players belonging to the Combat System (physical fighters) and the Magic System (obviously, magic fighters), it is completely useless to players of the Production System (largely due to the fact of their low attack and the fact that the rewards do not include a robot). To initiate this quest, players with the said requirements must go see Archangel Michael and ask to do the Top Student Training. The quest consists of players gaining access to the Training Palace, an underground palace with their entrances located near the middles of the East and West Lyceum Playgrounds. The place is full of aggressive monsters, each carrying a core that the player needs to summon the guard of the Training Palace, the Qiuaner, a powerful monster. It is strongly advised that players either go in a party consisting of players that are at least level 20, have 2-3 Priests (the healers of the game), 1-2 tanks (damage absorbing players) and the rest should be able to do high damage, preferably players belonging to the Magic System or should the player decide to go alone, it is recommended that you are at least level 20-25 and bring several potions to avoid getting killed. The rewards for completing this quest is a large amount of exp plus a special Top Student Weapon, a celestial weapon that is more powerful than that of the ones bought in the NPC shops, useful until level 35, when a much better weapon can be purchased..

In the Angel Lyceum: Monsters include Lily, Little Slarm, Slarm, Wind Elf, Fire Elf, Earth Elf, and Water Elf.Depending on the city you choose to protect, the monsters will be different, and more advanced there. Most monsters are passive, and choose not to bother you unless you attack. But as you advance, some monsters and bosses will attack if you move too far into their territory.
Breezewood Forest: Nest Tree Elf, Beast Monkey [etc]
IronCastle: [etc]
Boss fights: This game contains boss battles. Some you must seek out and some may attack you if you wander into their territory. Many of the boss fights are hard and should not be fought without the aid of potions. An example of a boss is the Crystal Lizard or Metal Robot in the Iron Castle.

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