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Tips for Pinoys on renting a room/flat/condo in Singapore
« on: March 26, 2010, 06:32:17 PM »
As rentals are escalating for for the past couple of months and looking for a place to rent can be quite traumatic, i hope the following tips can help to lessen the pain.

1)Know what you want.

Decide the important issues that you're looking for . Eg - location, budget,sharing with others, facilities etc. This is crucial as it helps you look out for yr basic requirements. It will also help you from wasting your time viewing numerous places and not settling on any one of them.

2)Look for suitable ads based on yr requirements.

You can scour the local newspapers or even here for postings of places for rental. Make an appointment with the agent / owner and stick with it. The last thing people want are folks that break appointments at the last minute. In this respect, I would say we Filipinos are generally well regarded compared to other house -hunters as we keep to the appointment time, maybe a little late- (Filipino time, haha ).

3)Working with a housing agent.
There are housing agents and there are housing agents. Work with licensed ones. These are those who have names cards with their company name printed and the license number printed under the company name. There are many Fake so-called agents who are housewives/part-timers/scammers who don't even have a namecard. I shall explain the importance of this later.

4)Arrange with the owner/agent for an exclusive viewing.
Insist that you are the only one viewing the place on that appointed time.
This will allow you to assess the place properly and ask questions to the owner/agent. Many owners/agents arrange for groups of tenants to view together. Eventually only one party gets the place and you find you've wasted your time. If people can't respect your time, why should you waste yours? After viewing, decide on the spot whether you want it or not? Many a times, especially in the current shortage of units, you'll find that the unit is already taken when you've made up your mind the next day.Know what you want and make your mind up fast-Everyone hates a fickle minded person who can't make up their minds and wastes everyone's time.

5)There is no perfect place.
Most homes in Singapore are owned by Singaporeans. There are a small number of Filipinos who also own homes here but the chances are small of them wanting to rent out their units/rooms. Insisting on everything going your way is like finding a needle in the haystack. Basically, you need a place to stay- stuff like internet connections are important but don't let that cloud you from the good location and price of the unit. In short, don't sweat the small stuff.You'll live longer that way.

6) No money, no honey.
When you go out to view, bring enough deposit money ( the market standard is one month's rental money). If you like the place, put a deposit for it but insist on a receipt or an undertaking from the agent/owner. Make sure it's pretty clear that the unit is already reserved for you and cannot be marketed out after the deposit is paid.

7) Checking of Owners' particulars.
The owner/agent has a right to check your particulars for the purpose of letting you view the unit. You also have a right to request to check the owner's I.C ( Identity Card) and verify that the address stated is the same as the unit you're viewing. There have been past reports of scammers posing as owners and making off with the deposits. If you decide to take the unit and pay a deposit, make sure you take down the owners particulars or make the agent do that.

 Tenancy Agreement.
Make sure you get a tenancy agreement that spells out your rights as well as the owners' rights. An ideal tenancy agreement should be 3-4 pages, not those 1 page type! In this respect, a licensed agent would have a proper agreement and he/she would be able to help you should there be any dispute later on. Also ensure that your obligation for early termination / breach of your contract is only limited to your one month's deposit. Do not be conned by agents saying that you have to pay the remaining months rental if you break your contract. Your liability is only limited to one month's rental deposit, provided you did not incur any damage to the unit.The standard payment for less than/or one year tenancyagreement is 1+1 ( one month's deposit + one month's advance rental )

9) Agents' commissions.
The general guideline by Institute of estate agents is :
Less than/or 12 months tenancy agreement= tenant must pay agent half month of the rental as commission;
More than 12 months tenancy agreement = tenant must pay agent one month of the rental as commission.

10)Singapore is safe and easy to travel around.
Looking for a place to stay can be easy if you're not fussy. Subdivision type guards aka condo living is not really needed here as the place is safe even at night. Why pay more if it's not necessary and you don't need to use the s/pool and tennis courts often?
Transport is also easy to get and it's not really necessary to live under the MRT station for it to be convenient. Be flexible in your search, and you'll find that a stressful search for the place to stay is not as difficult as it seems.

Please feel free to give your comment/ feedback if you need to.
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Tips for Pinoys on renting a room/flat/condo in Singapore
« on: March 26, 2010, 06:32:17 PM »

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