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F.A.Q for pinoys those Looking for JOBS in SG
« on: August 27, 2008, 12:10:13 PM »
I thought sharing this guide taken from another forum would benefit some members in this forum.


Question Do I need a VISA?

Unlike for example, US or UK, there is no need to apply for a "VISA" habang nasa pinas pa (you do not need to go to an embassy to apply for a VISA) dahil Singapore is a member of ASEAN country.

Although you would need a “social visit VISA” na iga grant sa inyo sa Singapore Immigration (sa airport). Ito pong "Social visit visa" ay itatatak sa inyong passport once na kayo ay dumating dito sa Singapore.

Question How long can I stay in Singapore?

Immigration grants either 14-day or 30-day social visit “VISA” which depends on the following factors: Please don’t ask me why sometimes they grant 14-days on some people, and why some 30-days. Be aware na pwede din sila magtatak ng lesser days (3 days) kung talagang dudang duda sila or pwede kang pauwiin the following day. More details on the following FAQ questions on how to prolong your stay here in SG.

a)Your reason of stay (tourist, visiting a friend, medical, training)
b)If you have an invitation letter which complements why you are here.
c)“Show money” to spend here.

Do take note when booking for tickets, may mga months po na 31 days.
So ang July 12 to August 12 ay hindi 31 days.

Question Ano po ba itong "EPEC" ? Kailangan ko ba nito bago magpunta sa SG?

EPEC stands for Employment Pass Eligibility Certificate. This certificate when approved and you have it applied at ICA allows you to stay up to 1-year to look for a job.

This is optional, it is not needed but we do recommend to apply dahil ito po ay libre and this is your "huling baraha" to prolong your stay here in Singapore.

here is the link describing what is this EPEC and how to apply:

Question Approved na ang EPEC ko, nareceive ko na yung letter, ano po ba ito? at ano gagawin dito

Congratulations, you\'re entitled to have a 1-year stay when you apply this letter to ICA (Immigration CheckPoints Authority) Singapore.

Ang EPEC letter po ay inaaply pa sa ICA para makuha yung green card. In short, ito pong letter na nakuha nyo ay wala pang silbi.

Ang EPEC letter po ay walang bisa sa Immigration both sa pinas at sa Singapore Immigration. (dahil nga letter pa lang sya at hindi pa approved ng ICA. )

You are still expected to get a return ticket and Singapore immigration will still weigh whether you get 14-day or 30-day even if you show this EPEC letter.

I would recommend not to show this EPEC letter sa Pinas Immigration. Alam nyo naman ang mga buwaya sa atin.

Question Paano po inaaply itong EPEC sa ICA?

When you land here in Singapore, wag nyo po muna i apply sa ICA. Remember ito po ang huli ninyong baraha para humaba ang stay. Please refer to the question Malapit na maubos ang 30-days ko, ano gagawin ko?

You can now apply your approved EPEC letter online sa Internet using this link below. no need to queue up sa ICA.

EPEC online application:
FAQ on how to use is here:

Question May EPEC letter ako or may EPEC green card na ako, ibig sabihin ba nito malaki ang chance na makakuha ako ng work sa Singapore?

This is one of the common misconception of EPEC holders.
Getting an EPEC does NOT mean you are guaranteed to get a job.

The only advantage of getting an EPEC is for you to be able to stay longer here in Singapore.

Remember na ang nag asses ng inyong EPEC ay ang Singapore Government, and not Singapore companies.

Most, if not all Singapore companies do NOT have any idea kung ano itong EPEC EPEC. Even if you show your EPEC letter or EPEC green card, wala po silang pakialam dito, it is only stated on the letter/ card that you are able to legally stay here in Singapore for 1 year.

In other words, your factors of being accepted on a job depends on your qualifications, the way you answer on the interview and extra luck.

Question Ano po yung “In-principle” letter?
Ito po ay isang letter na galling sa MOM (Ministry of Manpower) na nagsasabing approve na ang inyong application for an “employment Permit”.

Ang inyong employer po ang nag apply nito sa Ministry of Manpower pag sinabi nilang tanggap ka na sa interview.
Ang letter po na ito ay kailangan ninyong i-submit personally sa Ministry of Manpower dito sa Singapore.

Question Nasa Pinas pa ako, natanggap ko na itong “In-Principle” letter, ano ibig sabihin nito?

I would assume na kayo po ay nag apply sa agency dito sa pinas or nainterview through phone at inapply na kayo ng Singapore employer nyo sa MOM.

Katulad ng “EPEC” letter , ito pong “In-Principle” letter ay wala pa pong silbi both sa Immigration ng pinas at Singapore. Ang mga ibig sabihin nito ay:
1)You are still expected to get a return-ticket kahit may In-principle letter kang hawak. Dahil nga ina apply pa ito sa MOM at wala pang tatak ang iyong passport na “Multiple entry to Singapore”, you are still considered as a Tourist.

2)I strongly , strongly recommend not to show this “In-principle letter” sa pinas Immigration dahil paniguradong hindi matutuloy ang flight mo. Kapag nakita nila ito, pag applayin ka pa muna sa OWWA para magregister as OFW, which is quite a pain.

Dito na lang po kayo mag apply ng OWWA sa Singapore at mabilis pa, walang hassle at walang mga huhuthot sa inyo na lagay lagay.

Although if you have the time, you can visit POEA sa ortigas at doon mag apply ng OWWA. allow 2 days (actually one day lang) for doing this before your flight.

Question WHAT is Employment Pass? S-Pass? E-Pass? Working Permit Kailangan ko ba nito bago magpunta ng SG?

Ang Employment Pass ay ang makukuha ninyo kapag naisubmit nyo na personally ang ang In-Principle letter sa MOM together with your passport and a medical check-up result from a registered Singapore Medical Doctor.

Hindi po to kailangan kapag maghahanap pa lang ng work or pupunta pa lang kayo ng Singapore.

Ang S-Pass(also called Q2 pass) , E-Pass (also called "EP" or Q1 pass) ay mga type ng Employment permit na ini issue ng MOM depende sa inyong experience, sweldo at qualifications.

Question Gaano ba katagal makahanap ng trabaho sa Singapore?

This is the most commonly asked and the most hard to answer. For some, unang araw pa lang, nakakuha na sila ng job from an employer, for some, inaabot ng weeks, months, and even the on the day na pauwe na sila sa pinas, saka sila tinatawagan ng company to submit all the requirements.
There is no definite “how long”, pero its entirely dependent on several factors:
1) Kung gaano po kasipag ang isang tao maghanap ng job.
- Compare my housemate 1: gigising ng 1PM, kakain, mag –iinternet, check ng emails, maglalaro, makikipagchat sa GF, lilibot sa mall, uuwe ng 10PM, laro ulit. Then tulog ng 2AM.

-Housemate no. 2: apply dito, apply doon, check emails, bili ng dyaryo, sama sa mga friends na nag apply din ng work, research tungkol sa ganito, hindi gumagastos ng hindi kailangan..

2)Work Experience + Certificates
- The more, the better chance of landing for a job.

3)Field of expertise
IT (Information Technology ) still remains the most wanted for job vacancy. Although there are others available for other field of expertise.

If you are into selling and marketing, please expect one qualification is that you must have your own car and you know how to speak in Mandarin.

Although this does not mean na katapusan na ng pag apply. You can always find another job na hawig sa ginagawa mo sa pinas. My GF worked in a hotel before and found job in a wine bar. My housemate used to work in Marketing electronic products and found a job in a call center.

4)Know how to sell yourself
-For some, this is easy, for others, medyo mahirap po. Please practice yourself speaking in English on how to sell yourself. Quit watching those telenovela series and start watching CNN or other English channels.

-Hindi ko po sinasabi na kailangan na perpekto ang English dahil hindi din perkpekto ang English at grammar ng mga Singaporean. But you must be able to express or tell a story in a straight conversation.
-Know your strengths and weakness and how to overcome them.


-Singapore is a mix of a lot of races (Chinese, Malay, Indian, Myanmar, Indonesian, British and Americans) aside from the Local Singaporeans.
-SG companies would take preference to those who are either local / Malay or those who have acceptable experience for the required work.
In short, kailangan po may EXPERIENCE na po dapat.
-May bilib po tayo sa pinoy, but please understand hindi lang pinoy ang race sa mundo na ganito ang pag iisip sa kapwa kalahi nila.

CHAPTER B: Singapore Resources

Bago po kayo sumabak pumunta dito, Please do your research. Ito po ay ibang bansa na. Although the temperature ay kamukha lang sa pinas, this is a different culture and place.

The ever- efficient transport system. Print this map at i-post sa pader. This would be your clue when you want to find an address, whether malapit sa MRT station. Please note the Circle Line will be operational on year 2010.


B.Street Map of Singapore

Ang Singapore po ay maliit lang ( 704 sq km) at pwede nyong malibot sa loob ng isang araw lang. If you ever were given an address and want to find out where it is, your first clue is the MRT station. 2nd clue to find is to use the streetdirectory website.

Yung website po na ito ay may driving at how- to go-there instructions either by taking bus or walking from the nearest MRT station.


WARNING: ang linya po ng trapik dito sa Singapore ay kabaligtaran sa pinas dahil nasa right-side ang manibela. Before po kayo tumawid sa kalye, please take a look first on your RIGHT SIDE. or better yet, masanay po tayo na tumingin pn both sides bago i apak ang paa sa kalye. may mga nadidisgrasya sa ganito..

Ang mga BUS po dito ay may numero at humihinto lang sa designated bus stop. Please wag po kayong papara sa tabi tabi. Ang ruta po ng mga bus na ito ay makikita sa BUS stop kung saan kayo mag aabang.

Mahirap para sa mga newcomer ang mag bus at paniguradong maliligaw kayo lalo na’t hindi pa masyadong kabisado ang lugar sa Singapore, but as time goes, you will get to learn kung anong bus number ang dumadaan sa Orchard road.


You can flag a taxi anywhere as long as nasa tamang lugar. Be aware na magastos ito especially kung malayo ang pupuntahan. Pero hindi nangongontrata ang mga driver at hindi nandadaya sa fare. Hindi rin sila nag eexpect nang tip at mayroon silang panukli ultimo 10 sentimos.

Flag down rate : $2.50 at every 210 meters ay $0.10 cents,, 25 secs waiting time ay additional $0.10
May ibang additional rates pa po (ex, CBD surcharge, Late night surcharge. For more info, please refer to this link: ... crease.pdf


Website link:
located near CLARK QUAY MRT station. (also near CHINATOWN mrt station)

Ito po ang website na very useful if you want more information on klase ng Employment passes, how to apply, pano icheck kung approve na ang inapply na pass, your rights as an employee, etc.

ICA (Immigration Checkpoints Authority)
website link:
located near LAVENDER MRT station

Isa pang useful na website kung saan kayo mag apply for an extension or I aaply ang inyong EPEC letter to get the 1-year social visit EPEC card.

Question Matatapos na ang 14/30-day social visit visa ko, what to do?

Kung mauubos na yung 14/30-day stay initial grant sa inyo from Singapore Immigration (sa airport). Here are your options.

1)First thing you can do is to apply for an additional 30-day extension using the i-Extend via the Internet (dati, gumigising pa kami ng medaling araw para makapila sa ICA, pero ngayon online na lang…no need to go to ICA).

ICA i-Extend link :

Note that :
a)You have to do this at least 3 days before your last day here in SG.
b)You can only apply for an extension on i-extend ONCE only.
c)Please take note the 90-day social visit visa is ONLY applicable to those who have genuine first-level relative of a PR or Singaporean or those who would need Medical Treatment.

d) You may or may NOT be granted for another 30-day extension, hindi po ito guaranteed. Please don’t ask me why, depende na lang siguro kung may “period” yung nakasagot nung email nyo. Just pray that it will be granted.

e) WARNING if you chose to apply for i-extend and this gets approved, After consuming the next 30 days given to you, have to exit Singapore (either through Malaysia or Indonesia) and allow at least after 5 days before returning here in Singapore..

2)Second .If you fail on i-Extend , you have 3 second-level options:

A) go directly to ICA and personally pumila sa counter para i-explain kung
bakit kailangan mo mag extend.
B)You can exit to Malaysia and go back to SG on the following day.
C) If you have a first-degree relative who is a PR (permanent resident of Singapore), you can ask their help to get you an extension.

Question Gusto ko pong mag-exit sa Malaysia, paano po ito?

Ang Malaysia po ay katabing country lang ng Singapore. Think of this, para kang sumakay ng BUS sa Cubao papuntang Bulacan or Alabang minus the trapik. Makakarating kayo ng Malaysia (Johor Bahru ) sa loob ng 30-45 minutes.

Please note of the following:
1) Ang style na "umexit sa Malaysia" ay marami nang gumagawa, hindi lang pinoy kundi pati mga ibang foreigner para makakuha ng additional extension (again, either 14 or 30 days) pag bumalik ka dito sa Singapore.

2) Ito po ay hindi guaranteed na makakakuha kayo ng additional extension, meaning may iba binibigyan ng 14/30-days or may iba naman ilang days lang at yung iba, pinapadiretso na sa Airport para pabalikin sa kanilang bansa.

3) Please be prepared to answer the Singapore Immigration officer. Hindi ko kabisado kung ano ang mga style dito citation needed .

All i can recommend is magdamit po kayo ng disente at mukhang may pera / mukhang turista at make sure pina rebook nyo na yung return flight nyo sa pinas way ahead (anticipating the 30-day extension that will be granted) bago kayo umexit sa Malaysia para pagbalik ninyo dito sa Singapore, may pruweba kayo sa Immigration Officer na may intention kayong bumalik sa pinas dahil sa ticket na yun.

4)Malaki po ang Malaysia, pero ang unang lugar paglagpas nyo ng border ay yung JOhor Bahru.. Mag -iingat po kayo dito sa lugar na ito, hindi po ito katulad ng Singapore na safe maghahawak ng celfone habang nasa labas.. Think of this place as Tondo or Quaipo.

3)Third I apply ang inyong EPEC sa ICA.
This is the reason why I recommend to apply for EPEC at ang rason kung bakit ito ang huli ninyong baraha.

Please do note:
a) Again, you have to apply your EPEC at least 3 or 4days before your last day here in SG.
b) When you apply the letter in ICA, you will be given another 14 days extension pending claiming of the green card.
c)In that 14-days extension, you are required to undergo a medical checkup from a registered medical doctor in Singapore and submit the results on ICA before claiming the green card.

Question Halimbawa last 3 days mo na, tapos nag apply ka for extension? pero u have approved EPEC pero hindi mo pa ginamit .Pero na deny ka na bigyan ng extension? eh wala ka na time para i apply yung epec mo. kasi 3 days lang din un di ba?? and hindi po ba sila magtataka? baka sabihin may epec ka pala ndi mo pa inapply. bkit humingi ka pa ng extension eh meron ka pala epec? hindi ba bawal yun ?

If you had 3days left and you apply for an extension using I-extend. the result will be emailed to you on the following day.

If, however, denied and application for extension, then you have 2 days left to go to ICA to apply for your EPEC.

Hindi po bawal ang humingi ng extension, at hindi din bawal ang hindi pag apply ng EPEC agad agaran.

Ang bawal po ay yung lalampas ka sa ibinigay na social visit visa, definitely illegal alien po ang labas nun.

Bakit humingi ng extension, may meron ka pala EPEC?
Simply say, you are touring around and wouldn\'t want to use your EPEC yet.
As LONG AS LEGAL po ang pag stay nyo sa Singapore at wala kayong ginagawang kalokohan, you are safe.

May isa pang use ang EPEC kaya ko nasabing huling baraha ito.
details below:

Question Hindi ko in-apply ang EPEC ko sa ICA, pero nagka work ako within one month..
Ngunit after another month, nagresign ako sa work ko, paano na?.

If you read the clause indicated sa EPEC letter, this letter is valid for the next 2 years (paki verify nga po kung tama sa letter nyo) kapag hindi pa ina aaply.

Sabihin po nating pinalad kayo at nagkawork kayo agad within the 30-day social visit visa. Pero sa kasamaan palad ay nagresign kayo sa work.

Ang S-pass/Epass na inyong hawak ay kailangang i surrender ay papalitan ng 14-day social visit visa. In other words, balik tourist ang inyong status quo.

You can try using the i-extend to apply for an extension, or exit to malaysia or personally go to ICA to apply for an extension OR

YOu can now apply for your EPEC sa ICA. Ito po ay legal at pwede.

Question Ano po ang mga requirements sa pag apply ng EPEC sa ICA?
When you apply for ICA, please bring the following:

1) Passport
2) Embarakation card
3) Your EPEC letter, of course
4) the Original documents (TOR, DIPLOMA, CERTS, etc) for verification purpose.

Question Kailan ako dapat magpa medical check up
- You are required to go under medical check-up if you are applying for your EPEC or if you have you are applying your In-principle Letter of Approval.

If you already had a medical check-up during your EPEC application and had submitted these documents in ICA and sabihin na nating nakahanap kayo ng work at na approve na ang Employment Permit ninyo, then there is NO need to go for another medical check-up again.

Question Magkano po yung bayad sa medical checkup
You can go to any polyclinic around your area and check with them kung magkano ang charge nila for a medical check up. You will be given a form by the ICA, just hand it over to the clinic along with your passport and they know what to do.

cost is anywhere between 30 dollars to 60dollars depende sa clinic.

Question Ilang days bago makuha yung result?
-depends, mayroon po itong chest- Xray kaya it takes days. Check with the clinic, usually within 3 - 5 days.

Question Ang ICA din ba ang mag sasabi kung saang clinic?
Nope, you have to option to choose kung anong clinic as long as it is a registered medical clinic in Singapore.

Question Nakaka two months na ako dito sa Singapore, wala pa rin akong mahanap na job, bakit ganun?

Asses the situation why you\'re not getting that job yet. Baka po kulang pa sa sipag maghanap, baka po nagkukulong lang kayo sa bahay o baka naman nauubos ang pera sa kapapasyal.

Di tulad sa pinas, dito po sa Singapore, ang bawat galaw ay may katumbas na gastos.

I know for a fact na darating sa inyo yung stage na mai- stressed or madi-depressed kayo habang tumatagal.. nauubos ang pera.

You have to find a way on how to keep up that spirit at kung paano aliwin ang sarili. It depends on some people.

If you know someone who is also looking for a job, maybe you can team up with them. my housemate actually founded their own yahoogroup with a funny name grupo_lapa_work.

Most of them were able to get jobs weeks later, and some went home. This is a fact of life. Its either you fight and win, or you fight but learned something.

This is my general rule to applicants here in SG:

1) When you\'re applying for a job, just use first the initial 30days given to you by the immigration. Try your very very very best to look for that job on that time frame

2) If within 30 days, walang nangyayari (as in walang nagrereply) , asses the situation, its either the applicant is not doing well sa pag apply or he is barking at the wrong tree (meaning his credentials is something that Singapore is not looking at the moment)

3) Or if within 30 days, may nangyayari, pero kulang lang talaga sa time, that means may pag asa pa, and you can just apply for another extension using i-extend. This "next 30 days" means you have to work harder.

4) If sa tingin mo ay lalampas ka na ng 60days, but you still need more time, then you can use the "exit to malaysia" technique.

5) If anywhere within those period, you were able to get an employer and they submitted your application sa MOM, then makakahinga ka na ng maluwag, dahil pwede ka nang pumunta sa MOM to get your extension.

In short, what im trying to say is, you actually DO NOT need more 90 days (or even 60 days) on applying for a job.
Ang implication po nito ay:

1) Something is not right with your Resume, kaya hindi po napapansin.
2) Your CV is right, but the qualifications and experience is not enough
3) Something is not correct on how you perform in your Interviews.

4), the most important, Malaki laki na po ang magagastos ninyo kapag umabot kayo sa stage na ito. which i would suggest to think for a while and find out what\'s wrong.

In "effect", you actually won\'t be needing your "EPEC" since by day 60 or day 90, malaki na ang nagagastos mo noon, staying longer na walang nangyayari would be foolish. Some are getting depressed on this stage.
and its probably wiser to go back home, recharge your battery and come back at least a week later.

Don\'t be foolish to jump here in Singapore without doing a research.. wag po kayong magpadala sa mga iba na sumusugod dito sa singapore na ganun ganun lang.. Sa ibang tao, may pera sila at ok lang kung makagastos ng malaki. Kumbaga , side trip lang ang maghanap ng work.



Aside from Philippine Airlines and Singapore Airlines, eto po ang mga most common na sinasakyan na budget airlines to/from Singapore. Please don’t ask kung sino ang pinakamura, nag iiba iba po ang price nila almost everyday, but one thing to look out is for promos which could go as low as 3,000 pesos or better.

(* leaves at Clark, lands at Budget Terminal*)
(* Leaves at NAIA Terminal 1, lands at Changi Terminal 1)
Cebu Pacific
(*leaves at NAIA Terminal 1, lands at Budget terminal)

Question Shall I bring dollars or Peso? Which is Better?
Singapore’s currency is Singaporean Dollar (SGD). I use 1SGD = 30pesos for easy conversion, but refer to the local paper or online conversion for the exact amount.

You can bring either US dollar, SGD dollar or Philippine Peso (and even other currency) but please take note of these tricky rules:

1)There is an existing law (anti-money laundering) that you cannot bring more than 10,000 units for any currency. Sa medaling salita, bawal po ang magdala ng hihigit sa 10,000 pesos per person.

Medyo marami yata ang nalilito dito, i\'ll give an example.
let\'s say ang dadalihin mong pera ay 30,000 pesos.
Since hindi ka pwedeng lumampas ng 10,000 pesos, you have a choice of :

A) Convert all 30,000 pesos to US dollars or straight to Singapore dollars.
B) Convert the first 20,000 pesos to either US dollars or Singapore dollars AND
leave the 10,000 pesos to carry with you.

I know it sounds stupid. Yung immigration officer po natin sa pinas ay nagrarandom check sa mga ganyan, lalo na kung makikita nila na mukhang first time mo na lalabas ng mahal nating bansa. Nung nagpunta yung brother-in-law ko sa SG, ipinalabas sa kanya ang wallet nya ang tinanong kung magkano laman.

In the end, pinapalitan nya to US dollars, then pagdating sa SG, ipinapalit sa Singapore Dollars.

Ironically, pagdating mo naman dito sa Singapore Immigration, may mga immigration officer din ang nagtatanong kung magkano dala mo pera. Their purpose is to check whether kaya mo i-support ang sarili mo bilang tourist to stay for the 14-day or 30-day social visit visa.

I’ll leave it up to you on what to do, but worst scenario is you will be asked to convert any peso exceeding the 10,000. ( ex, if you bring 30,000, then convert the 20,000 and leave the 10,000 as peso)

2)The Peso (Php) is still the best currency to bring when you go here and convert to SGD.. Mas mataas po ng kaunti ang palitan nya dito sa SG kumpara sa bibili ka ng USD or SGD sa pinas.

Yun po ay kung malaki-laki ang dala nyong pera, pero kung maliit lang naman, at hassle pa sa inyo ang magpapalit, then its ok.

If you actually do a comparison, you’ll get to lose anywhere from a 1 dollar (30 pesos) to 20 dollars (600 pesos).

3)Converting your Peso to US Dollar and the eventually converting to Singapore dollar when you reach here is discouraged. Remember that you lose something (even small amount) when you convert a currency twice.

Question How much do I need to bring when I want to go to SG?

-Medyo mahirap din po sagutin ito, at it majorly depends kung gaano kayo katagal mag sstay. Please remember the rule no 1 above. Alam din po natin na medyo mahirap magproduce ng pera and some are not that fortunate.

To be safe, I do recommend to bring AT LEAST 30,000 if you intend to stay for 30-day. Yung pong 30,000 is a conservative value, meaning kung kaya naman po na mas mataas, the better. This will eventually save you losing money kung may magpapadala pa ng pera sa inyo through banks.

Question Where do I exchange my money in Singapore?
The Changi Aiport has lots of ForEx stores if you need quick cash to eat and to buy a EZ-link card.
Please refer to my FAQ number 2 : I’M HERE IN SINGAPORE, SO WHAT NOW?


There are different ways to find a work: Through Internet, Newspaper, friends, walk-in, referral, Agency sa pinas etc.

For some, may nakakita ng work sa Internet, sa iba naman, through friends or newspaper. My recommendation is to seek through all of these opportunity channels.

Question JOB VACANCY OPEN only for PR/ Malay/ Singaporean, what is this?

There are job vacancy especially those posted by small companies that specifically states “PR/Malay/Singaporean” only. For other companies, note that there is a corresponding ratio between Singaporean and foreigner allowed by the government.

JOB SITES on the Internet

Every Saturday, bumili po kayo ng Strait Times newspaper sa tabi tabi and look for the classified ads section.


This is self-explanatory if you know a friend or have a relative here in SG. From time to time, there are posted job vacancy here on Pinoysg by your fellow Pinoysg friends.

Ang magwa walk-in sa mga building or kumpanya ay discouraged since 1) magastos 2) you don’t have an appointment 3) wears off your fighting spirit kung mahina po ang panlaban nyo sa rejection. There are job vacancy posted on stores, even on their bulletin board, but most of these are open only for PR status (Permanent Resident) or for Singaporean Citizens only.

May mga pasulpot sulpot na agency sa pinas na naghi hire ng pinoy para magwork dito sa SG. Please do check the following:
1)Make sure they are legitimate agency and the work they offer is true.

2)Expect they would be asking for agency fee, which is horrendously expensive, kung ang hinihingi nilang agency fee/processing fee ay pagkalula lula, wag nyo pa pong patulan. Yung inyong ibabayad na 100 or 150,000 pesos ay mas mabuti pang dito nyo na lang gastusin sa Singapore sa paghahanap ng work.

In other words, mas gugustuhin ko pang ako ang humawak ng pera at gumastos keysa ipagkatiwala ko sa ibang tao na hindi ko kilala at walang kasiguraduhan na magkakawork nga ako. :

Please refer to this link below for warning and tips on seeking help from agency.


Question Ano po ba ang dapat kong Dalhin?

These are the recommended items which you can place in a sealed brown envelope and tucked into your check-in baggage:
a)Transcript of Records (authenticated)
b)]Diploma (authenticated)
c)Employer’s work certificates (from previous jobs)
d)Certifications ( ex. CCNA, CCNP, MCSE, if you are into IT)
e)A few copies of your resume/CV
f)NBI clearance (this is optional, although in some high-security company, they require to have this International clearance from your respective country.may ka office mate akong umuwe pa sa pinas para lang kumuha ng NBI clearance para matanggap sya sa work.
g)Birth Certificate (this is optional, but again, pag natanggap ka na sa work, and you decide to apply for PR, there is no time for you to visit NSO)
h)EPEC Letter (optional if you applied for it)
i) Your MObile Phone.

Question What is “Authenticated” TOR/ Diploma? Bakit kailangan pang Authenticated? Dapat ba ay DFA-authenticated?

-When you apply for your TOR/Diploma on your respective alma mater, please mention that it should be CHED authenticated. You would need to pay a corresponding fee for it. No need for DFA authentication though.

Kailangan pong ipa authenticate for obvious reason na nandyan ang Recto. You would also probably ask kung bakit may nade deny na Employment pass dahil nagsubmit ng pekeng dokumento.
Recently, may nameke naman ng return ticket (SG-MNL) dahil nga electronic ticket lang.

Ayun, nasa Changi prison po ang pinoy na ito bukod sa nahagupit sya sa likod.

Question Kailangan ko bang magdala ng laptop?

I would strongly recommend to bring one, if you would need to buy, no, steal, then do so. Singapore has got a lot of free wireless signal all around the island. Even your next door neighbor would probably have an unsecured wireless signal.

Kung wala pong madadalang laptop, then next option is to check if you can borrow from a friend either in pinas or here in SG kung meron sila.

Last option is find an Internet shop (which is very very rare) dito sa Singapore dahil nga most households ay meron nang broadband, kaya patay na ang negosyong Internet shop dito.

Internet shops here cost from $1.00 to $1.50 per hour of use.
You can also go to libraries to rent for computers.

Question Posible po ba na magdala ng mga utilities or files pero nalagay sa 2.5 hdd w/ enclosure? or puwede ko na lagay sa laptop mismo? hindi ba nila check yung laman ng laptop?

Yes, recommended po na ilagay na lang sa USB, harddisk or memory card ang mga files ninyo at huwag na sa CD. Alam nnyo naman sa atin, mainit ang mata sa mga Pirated CDs.

You can also bring laptop, this is perfectly fine. hindi naman nila tsine -check ang mga documents mo dahi personal na gamit mo ito. Ang alam ko lang na super higpit dito ay kung bibyahe ka sa US, where tsine-check ang operating system ng laptop.

Although sa X-ray machine both sa pinas at sa airport, tatanungin ka kung may dala kang laptop (lalo pa at napansin na mukhang laptop nga ang laman ng bag).

Don\'t be afraid, natural po ito, kasi kailangan mong ihiwalay yung laptop mo from the rest of your items on your bag, dahil nahihirapan yung X-ray technician i-distuingish yung ibang items sa bag mo kung may nakapatong na laptop.

A)Scan your passport and resume and email it to yourself. Para kahit nasan kayo, or in case na mawala (wag naman sana), you will still have a copy.
B)Bring your celphone and your simcard and know how to activate the roaming capability.

Question Pwede po ba akong magdsala ng de-lata, langgonisa, tocino?

- Mga processed meat lang po ang pwede, but as long as
1) Hindi lalampas sa 5 kilos ang overall processed meat. (combined na po)
2) Ibalot pong mabuti na hindi kakatas o aamoy kahit ibalibag pa.

Please refer to this website below for details on allowed products to bring. ... /index.htm

Question Ano po ang mga HINDI ko dapat Dalhin?

a)Any bubblegum

b)Cigarettes are allowed but up to 2 packs (dalawang kaha) only . Ang yosi po ng Marlboro dito ay nasa $11.80 (360 pesos) to compare. If you brought more, did not declare it , and got caught, either you’ll pay for fines or face the deportation (depends kung gaano kadami ang nahuli syo)

c)Pirated CD (movie, music, etc). Generally I would recommend NOT to bring any CD, kahit na ano pa sya. If you would need to bring any files, just copy it to a harddisk, USB drive or any memory card.

d)Processed/ raw meat. Although sa nakikita ko, maluwag ang Immigration tungkol dito, bawal po ang magdala ng hotdogs, tocino, etc. I tried magdala before pero nakakatakot kapag narandom check ng Immigration.

e)Strict compliance of bringing any Liquid exceeding 100ml per bottle. Please take note of this, if you have any perfume (or anything in liquid state) with a content exceeding 100ml, you have to place it a special bag that you can get from the NAIA / Clark Airport. Kung ayaw nyo na maabala, just place this NOT on your hand carry bags but on your check-in luggages.

f)Itlog, Itlog-maalat, Balut (or Balot), basta lahat ng Itlog, bawal na bawal poi to.

g)Paputok, baril, labentador, lahat ng pumuputok.


Question Sa Budget Terminal Bumaba ang eroplano ko? What’s next?

Maliit lang ang budget terminal and you can find your way out. Sa labas, may free shuttle bus na pumupunta sa Terminal 2. This is where you will need to take the MRT train on your way to the city.

Question Sa Terminal 1 Bumaba ang eroplano ko? What’s next?

Find the sign that says “to Terminal 2 via Skytrain”.. sasakay po kayo ng maliit na tren (Skytrain) to go to Terminal 2 where you will need to take the MRT train on your way to the city.

NOTE: Either of the two, mayroon pong mga taxi na available but a costly price.
If you have no SG dollars yet, mayroon pong mga foREx sa Terminal 1, Kung malaki po ang dala nyong pera, magpapalit lang kayo ng maliit na value, kahit mga 100 SGD lang muna pambayad sa taxi or sa EZ-link card.

Question Ano po yung EZ-Link? nakakain ba ito?

Ang EZ-link po ay isang electronic prepaid card at pwedeng mag-load ng additional value (called "top-up").

Ito po ay pwedeng gamitin sa pagsakay sa MRT, sa BUS at pwede ding pambayad sa inyong meal sa McDo (yes, im not kidding)

Nabibili po ito sa mga MRT station for $15 value.

For more information, eto po yung link:

Question Magkano pala usual nyo na pamsahe araw araw?Saan ba mas makakatipid all the way bus or bus-mrt?

Ang pamasahe sa bus ay 0.90 cents (no EZ link card) at 60 cents pag may EZ link card for the first 4 or 5 bus stops.

Ang pamasahe sa MRT ay ranging from 90 cents to 2.00 dollars

Of course, mas matipid sa BUS, but as you know, matagal magbyahe sa bus at for newcomers, medyo nakakalito pa ang pagsakay sakay ng bus dito.

I suggest just to use the MRT at kaunti lang naman ang diprensya ng pamasahe.As you gain experience, masasanay rin kayo sa bus.

Please check these LINKS for more information about BUS and MRT guides:

BUS GUIDE (Fares and BUS)

MRT GUIDE (Fares and MAP)

Question Umaandar ba ang "celphone ko dyan? Nokia model xxx ang celfone ko
Yes, aandar ang iyong "celphone" dito, (or called handphone dito sa S\'pore)
kahit na Nokia 5110 pa ang iyong hawak.

Question Saan ako mag sstay sa Singapore? Anything you can recommend?

This is also one of the hardest to find if you don’t have any relatives here . Kahit nga po may relatives, may sari sarili po kasi silang room sa isang bahay at may mga housemates na iba. Minsan, nakakahiya na magpatira ng kaibigan o kamag anak sa bahay dahil may ibang tao at sumisikip ang bahay (nakikigamit ng CR, TV, Computer, etc).

Before you go here in Singapore, please make sure na may tutuluyan po kayong bahay and make sure na yung friend or relative nyo ay pumapayag sa inyo at sa mga kasambahay nila.

For those who were unfortunate to have a relative or friend. You can either look for posted ads sa classified section ng pinoysg where mga ibang pinoys ay pinaparent ang kanilang vacant room or shared room.

Hotels are horrendously expensive, unless ipinanganak po kayo na may gintong kutsara, but you can try those backpackers hostels which cost you from $16 - $25 per night. These are some of the websites I know, but I have not personally tried them. May mga narinig akong nagpunta dito at dyaan nagstay pero ok naman daw.

Please check their website for pictures and other informations.

Question May mga carinderia ba dyan? magkano ang per meal?
Ang mga carinderia dito ay tinatawag na "hawker". you can find them at almost every corner.

Ordinary meal cost anywhere from $1.50 to $4.50 depende sa location ng hawker. Drinks cost from $1.20 to $1.60 per can.

Question Ano po ang mga common terms na dapat kong malaman

Ito po ang mga common terms na dapat nyo gamitin or karaniwan nyong madidinig dito..

1) "Handphone" (abbreviated HP) - imbes na "Celfone" ang tawag.
2) "Top-up" - ang tawag kapag maglo load ka ng prepaid card
3) "Auntie" or "Uncle" ang tawag sa mga matatanda.
4) "Can" or "Cannot" ang karaniwang expression pag "pwede" or "hindi pwede"

5) "Hawker" o "Kopitiam" ang mga tawag sa kainan o carinderia dito.

Question Anong Lugar po maganda bumili ng mga electronic items
Sim Lim near Bugis MRT station (although don\'t buy on those lower floors) or better yet, Funan Square near CitiHall MRT station.

Whatever you do, DO NOT ever ever buy any Electronic item sa LUCKY PLAZA.. you have been warned!!

Question Ano po ba itong LuckyPlaza? bakit sikat ito sa mga pinoy?
Ang LuckyPlaza (called LP or littlePhilippines) ay isang building malapit sa Orchard mrt station, tapat ng Wisma Atrium/Takashimaya.

Dito po ang puntahan ng mga pinoy dahil maraming pinoy shops dito, from carinderia, top up cards, patis, suka, remittance service, OWWA, SSS, etc. any pinoy service/product you can think of.

Napakatao po nito kapag linggo dahil marami sa ating mga kababayan ang tumatambay dito.

Ito po muna, I\'ll add more pag may naisip pa ako.. please feel free to post other questions which you think would be appropriate to be included here.

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F.A.Q for pinoys those Looking for JOBS in SG
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Re: F.A.Q for pinoys those Looking for JOBS in SG
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Wow this is great information regarding getting a job in singapore.


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