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JoomlaWatch Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
« on: November 08, 2008, 06:00:12 PM »
JoomlaWatch Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When I open the JoomlaWatch back-end, I just see "Loading visits...", "Loading stats.."
This is because the files in the folder /components/com_joomlawatch/ have the wrong permissions. Please change the permissions to this whole foder to 755. (Make them visible to everyone). To do this, you can use the Total commander Files->Change attributes, or the unix command: chmod 755 "folder".

I cannot see the JoomlaWatch icon
When you see an icon of a "broken image" instead, click it and choose "View image". You\'ll probably see a message: 500 Internal server error. I cannot do anything about this error, cause it\'s something wrong with your server\'s configuration. You can try to set the permissions to the files and folters of JoomlaWatch to 755, and if this wouldn\'t help, please contact your system administrator and ask him, why it doesn\'t work.

Who are the "bots" appearing in the statistics?
Bots and spiders are special programs run by individuals or companies that visit your website for some purpose. Some of them are "friendly", like googlebot that tries to index the content of your website, and some of them are not.Like the ones, that extract email adresses to send spam to. There are some other spambots, that are filling forms and this way are trying to "promote" some websites. That\'s why most of the forms use the CAPTCHA ( mechanisms. Some of those bots can make many requests to your website, and make it load slower or very occasionally they may cause a server crash (Distributed Denial of Service Attack from many IP adresses).

How is it determined who is a "bot"?
The principle of JoomlaWatch\'s differentiation of bots and visitors is simple.. Real visitors when having a normal browser usualy load the images, including the joomlawatch icon. The others are just interested in th HTML source without loading additional images, whsere they can find some email addresses or some other valuable information.
It\'s like I would make a program, that opens the address, parses it, and then sends some emails to the email addresses that it has found.
Of course, there are "friendly" bots as well, like the googlebot, that takes care of indexing your website for the google search, or some other. Without these, you won\'t see your page in search results.

I cannot open the .zip archive

Sometimes it happens, that when you are downloading a file from the internet, the HTTP connection is timed out. It means, that the download seems to be completed, but only 80% of it is really downloaded. If this happens, try to re-download it again, until you open it succesfully. It\'s recommended to use some download manager as wget, FlashGet or Mass downloader.

The component installation ends with "Cannot find the XML setup..."
Free some of your webhosting space. The installation of JoomlaWatch requires at least 20MB. It\'s because it contains huge ip to location resolving tables.

AJAX permission Denied

This usualy happens whey you have forgotten the "www." in front of your domain name. It makes the JavaScript think you are trying to access the different domain, and it\'s restricted because of the security reasons. So, please just try to access your site administration with the domain name that\'s specified as a "live site" in your configuration.php. (Usualy the domain with the www in in "")
Why do I see the ads in the JoomlaWatch backend?
This is the only way how to keep the component free. Developing the new features costs a lot of time and effort. I hope these ads are not that much intrusive that it would annoy that much people, than paying some money for a single download. If you don\'t like the ads, please use the version 1.2.5, that comes without them, but with the older features as well.

Do you like JoomlaWatch?

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JoomlaWatch Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
« on: November 08, 2008, 06:00:12 PM »

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