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Resolving Problems by Configuring Internet Explorer to Work with Cognos 8

1. Ensure Popup blockers are not enabled

2. Ensure Automatic prompting for file downloads is enabled
a. On IE browser go to Tools > Internet Options > Security
b. Select Local intranet
c. Click on Custom Level
d. Scroll to Downloads section and ensure Automatic prompting for file downloads is
e. Repeat for Internet and Trusted sites

3. Add Cognos web server to trusted sites
a. IE > Tools > Internet Options > Security (tab) > Trusted Sites > Sites
b. Add Cognos Web server
c. May need to clear the Require server verification checkbox
4. Do not save encrypted pages to disk should NOT be checked
a. IE > Tools > Internet Options > Advanced (tab) > Security (section)
5. Ensure that xls files are associated with Excel
a. Windows explorer > Tools > Folder Options > File types
6. Ensure Rely on CSS for font formatting is checked in Excel
a. Excel > Tools > Options > General > Web Options (button) > Browser (tab)
7. Clear temporary internet files
a. IE > Tools > Internet Options > General (tab) > Delete files.
8. Check to see if any add-ons are causing problem
a. IE > Tools > Manage Add-ons.
b. Disable all the add-ons (hopefully there aren't many)
c. Check to see if this fixes problem
d. If problem is fixed then start re-enabling add-ons one at a time to see which caused
e. If problem not fixed re-enable all that were disabled
Problem Scenarios and Solutions

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