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Cognos Framework Manager modelling best practices
« on: September 15, 2008, 01:59:25 AM »
Hi I thought sharing this information about cognos and its development.

Cognos Framework Manager modelling best practices
    * Design your presentation view so that your users will naturally do the right thing, based on the names of the objects, and where they appear in the tree structure.
    * Keep it simple. Complexity makes things hard to understand and predict. If you can\'t understand the result, you\'ve probably outsmarted yourself.
    * Present a star schema view to report authors. Build it by following the arrows.
    * Where complexity is unavoidable, encapsulate it in a model query subject, and test that query subject thoroughly. Use query item folders inside it where necessary to make clear the purpose of each item and the relationships between them.
    * Make sure that the model information is complete. When in doubt, specify all dimensional information.
    * Whenever you have to make the model lie about the underlying data, make sure you\'ve thought out the consequences.
    * Use the Description and Screen Tip properties help yourself and your users to understand things that otherwise may not be obvious.
    * Be careful what you expose. In particular, avoid directly exposing parts of the data source modelling layer that contain multiple join paths, or are otherwise incompletely modelled.
    * Test thoroughly.

An excerpt in http://

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Cognos Framework Manager modelling best practices
« on: September 15, 2008, 01:59:25 AM »

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