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CCLOutOfMemoryError:0:Fatal Cognos8.3
« on: March 18, 2009, 06:28:05 AM »
For last few days we are facing one issue in reports. When we try to validate the report we get error message as like follows. I\'m not sure why I am getting this error.
Any idea?

‘CCLOutOfMemoryError:0:Fatal: RSV-SRV-0042 Trace back: RSReportService.cpp(613): CCLOutOfMemoryError: CCL_CAUGHT: RSReportService::process() RSReportServiceMethod.cpp(177): CCLOutOfMemoryError: CCL_RETHROW: RSReportServiceMethod::process(): promptPagingForward_Request RSASyncExecutionThread.cpp(562): CCLOutOfMemoryError: RSASyncExecutionThread::checkException RSASyncExecutionThread.cpp(205): CCLOutOfMemoryError: CCL_CAUGHT: RSASyncExecutionThread::run(): promptPagingForward_Request RSASyncExecutionThread.cpp(612): CCLOutOfMemoryError: CCL_RETHROW: RSASyncExecutionThread::processCommand(): promptPagingForward_Request ExecutionContextImpl/RSReportValidateExecutionConte xt.cpp(136): CCLOutOfMemoryError: CCL_RETHROW: RSReportValidateExecutionContext::run() RSRequest.cpp(1442): CCLOutOfMemoryError: CCL_RETHROW: RSRequest::validateInteractive() Execution/RSRenderExecution.cpp(584): CCLOutOfMemoryError: CCL_RETHROW: RSRenderExecution::execute Execution/RSRenderExecution.cpp(856): CCLOutOfMemoryError: CCL_RETHROW: RSRenderExecution::processActiveDocuments Assembly/RSDocAssemblyDispatch.cpp(235): CCLOutOfMemoryError: CCL_RETHROW: RSDocAssemblyDispatch::dispatchAssembly RSExpression.cpp(136): CCLOutOfMemoryError: CCL_RETHROW: RSExpression::compile source/crxEngine.cpp(349): CCLOutOfMemoryError: CCL_RETHROW: crxExpression::compile source/crxGrammarUtility.cpp(880): CCLOutOfMemoryError: CCL_THROW:

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CCLOutOfMemoryError:0:Fatal Cognos8.3
« on: March 18, 2009, 06:28:05 AM »

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Re: CCLOutOfMemoryError:0:Fatal Cognos8.3
« Reply #1 on: March 18, 2009, 06:30:32 AM »
For me it looks like a memory problem

From the KB: h?load_kb_document=1&dr=kb1&uniqueid&H121980
"Customer has a number of reports on Cognos Connection and they are running fine. One of the reports has 30 queries and approximately 16-17 calculations. This report is throwing errors, when run.
They tried validating the report from Report Studio and got the following error:

CCLOutOfMemoryError:293:Fatal: Out of memory RSV-SRV-0042
They also tried changing the "Maximum Memory in MB" parameter in Cognos Configuration to 1000 (earlier it was 768) and restarted the Service but still the same error comes up.
We imported the report on another environment with the same database specification and the same operating system and the report ran.
Please note that this new environment is a single machine install with 4 GB RAM whereas the environment on which it doesn\'t run has 1 GB RAM.
Error Message:
CCLOutOfMemoryError:293:Fatal: Out of memory RSV-SRV-0042

Root Cause:
An environment with 1Gb of RAM is insufficient to run Cognos 8 effectively - which is why the report runs on the better-specified environment.
Either increase the RAM of the system, or simplify the report"


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