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WordPress 2.5: Uploading Pictures Problem

Submitted by on Tuesday, 15 July 20083 Comments

I was creating an article the other day when i decided to upload a picture/photo to show an illustration to my topic. However, as i was uploading/attaching the photos, HTTP Error message occured. And as i recalled, the image went “crunching” after i hit the browse and upload button. And thereafter it remained that way. What the heck! I know a lot of these errors have plagued people on the WordPress community already ever since 2.5 version was released. At first, I thought maybe the installation i got from WordPress was not properly configured on my server or maybe some incompatibilities with other plugins was the issue. Soon after,  i realized i needed to get this fixed as i was tired of uploading the pictures via FTP. (the alternative way of uploading the pictures). I queried this to google and found out later on that this was a WordPress 2.5 version problem!

For some cases, this uploading feature works just fine for some other bloggers. There seemed to be inconsistencies about this error. Most often, the media uploader of my other blogs works just fine but for this blog – a self hosted blog it doesnt.  In search of this topic, fortunately i was able to collate the possible tricks and solutions to this problem. Please refer below.

Option 1: Flexible Upload

This plugin is what i use in Techronnati. This became very helpful as there are times that i needed to upload pictures simultaneouly on my blog. As you import and activate it, it will try to override the default WordPress 2.5 upload frame. One of the good things about this plugin is that you are able to resize the images and place watermarks in your photos. I highly recommend you check out this plugin. You can get the plugin here.

Option 2: Edit .htaccess

If you tried installing the plugin above and error still persisted, then you might want to try this option. Probably there was some problem with your hosts’ security settings. From the forum, they say there is a fix for this. You need to create a .htaccess file in your /wp-admin/ directory with the following:

<IfModule mod_security.c>
<Files async-upload.php>
SecFilterEngine Off
SecFilterScanPOST Off

This may fix your problem, or it may not work to some. I haven’t tried this actually as Flexible Upload already worked for me but some wordpress users i know had this solution and fortunately it worked for them. So you may want to try that one too.

Option 3: No Flash Uploader

In WordPress 2.5, the developers integrated Adobe Flash for the Image and Media Uploader. This new flash uploader, with a realtime upload progress bar, can support multiple file upload.  What it does is that it tries to disable the flash portion of your uploader, which may help those who don’t have a compatible browser. You can get the plugin at Website.

To solve this, the suggested solution was flash uploader should be disabled. To do this, a no flash uploader plugin may be used.

Option 4: Call 911 for help (either from Web Host or Forum)

If the possible fixes above wont work for you then maybe you can try reinstalling wordpress on your server. The forum i’ve been to says this problem would have been resolved on Wordpress 2.6 version. But until this is released already as a stable version (-not in beta anymore) then you could try to reinstall WordPress 2.5 instead and just be stay tuned with the minor improvements from this version. Maybe something went wrong during the installation process (*** lacking files, etc…) or you could try calling your Webhosts’ attention to seek their help. =)

If you have anything to add and suggest, then you could post here to react. If you find the solutions above successful or it worked for you, let us know so that others could read about it.

For more information, feel free to browse over the Techronnati boards

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