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Upgrading to WordPress 3.0

Submitted by on Saturday, 26 June 2010No Comment
Upgrading to WordPress 3.0

I’m excited to announce to everyone that Techronnati Blog, your ultimate resource to technology, business intelligence, collaboration and programming  is now  running on WordPress 3.0, the latest WordPress version as of today!

WordPress 3.0 aka Thelonious ,  is the end product of the hardworking effort bestowed by the talented WP’s 218 contributors. As per the release announcement from the wordpress website, there are quite a number of major new features introduced in this release, including a svelte and sleek new default theme simply called Twenty Ten – 2010.  Theme editors now have all new APIs which help them easily customize headers, backgrounds, menus, post types and shortlinks. Now, isn’t that cool? Everything is given the gift to maximize  your creativeness and much faster blog customization.
Quoting WordPress:




Developers and network admins will appreciate the long-awaited merge of MU and WordPress, creating the new multi-site functionality which makes it possible to run one blog or ten million from the same installation. As a user, you will love the new lighter interface, the contextual help on every screen, the 1,217 bug fixes and feature enhancements, bulk updates so you can upgrade 15 plugins at once with a single click, and blah blah blah just watch the video.

It took me roughly around 5-10 minutes when i decided to upgrade this blog from WordPress 2.7 to WordPress 3.0 using the automatic upgrade feature seen on the WordPress Administrator Panel.  Along side, if you decided to upgrade this time, you may also consider upgrading your wordpress plugins to the latest set. Prior to the WordPress 3.0 release was the 2.9 version where one can upgrade these wordpress plugins in just one click of a button. Thanks to the BULK Upgrade option visible in the plugin section which is much more convenient and i only gotten it to experience with WP 3.0.

I got this list of plugins installed at the moment:


Alexa Rank

BidVertiser widget

Blog Stats by W3Counter



Complete Site Stats

d13slideshow widget


FeedBurner FeedSmith

Flexible upload

Get Recent Comments

Google Doc Embedder

Google XML Sitemaps

Guestbook Generator

jQuery lazy load plugin

Kontera ContentLink

LinkedIn hResume

Maintenance Mode

Permalinks Moved Permanently

Popularity Contest


Popularity Lists Widget


Robots Meta

Search Meter

SEO Slugs



Smart Youtube

Subscribe To Comments

TinyMCE Advanced


Twitter Tools

Wibiya Plugin

WordPress Automatic Upgrade

WordPress Database Backup

WordPress XML Export



WP-Guestbook (en)







WP Ajax Edit Comments

If you are aware of the file structure / taxonomy of the wordpress framework, and you plan to upgrade using the manual mode, here’s a step by step guide to do so courtesy from WordPress website.


  1. Backup your database. This is definitely a must when upgrading because you don’t know what could  go wrong sduring the upgrading process. Pls read Backing Up Your Database for a detailed explanation.
  2. You then need to Backup ALL your WordPress files in your WordPress directory. As i reiterated, you also need to backup the .htaccess file.
  3. Verify the backups you created are there and usable. This is essential.
  4. Set your blog to maintenance mode. And subsequently Deactivate ALL your Plugins.
  5. Ensure first four steps are completed. Do not attempt the upgrade unless you have completed the first four steps.
  6. Download the zip file and extract the WordPress package from
  7. Delete the old WordPress files on your site/server, but DO NOT DELETE these items listed:
    • wp-config.php file; -> This contains your saved configuration file – Database name, password, host, table prefix.
    • wp-content folder; Special Exception: the wp-content/cache and the wp-content/plugins/widgets folders should be deleted.
    • wp-images folder;
    • wp-includes/languages/ folder–if you are using a language file do not delete that folder;
    • .htaccess file–if you have added custom rules to your .htaccess, do not delete it;
    • robots.txt file–if your blog lives in the root of your site (ie. the blog is the site) and you have created such a file, do not delete it.
  8. Upload the new files from your computer’s hard drive to the appropriate WordPress folder on your site.
  9. Once step 8 is done. Proceed to your website.  Run the WordPress upgrade program and follow the instructions on the screen.
  10. Update Permalinks and .htaccess. Update your Permalink Structure and merge the custom rules, if necessary, into your.htaccess file.
  11. Install updated Plugins and Themes. Please review the list of Plugins that work in Version 3.0. Check for Theme Compatibility with 3.0 and ask your Theme author for any new version.
  12. Reactivate Plugins
  13. Add security key definitions to the wp-config.php file
  14. Review what has changed in WordPress

WordPress 3.0 FEATURES

Here are some of the highlights and improvements of the new WP 3.0 version:
1. Noticeable Admin UI improvements
2. Introducing a new default theme for WordPress 3.o ‘Twenty Ten’
3. New step in the installer
4. Create custom content types
5. Menu Management Features
6. WordPress merges with WordPress MU -> Transforming into  a content managements system.
7. Custom background from the admin
8. Authoring templates
9. Improved child theme support
10. Link Shortner – Want shorter link , they have button for that!
11. PLUS a LOT MORE!… check out SixRevision and for more descriptive details.


This is totally making a difference to the world of social media and gradually transforming into a full-blown content management system like joomla, drupal, and the likes.

Here’s a glimpse of the functionalities made to WP 3.0, displayed in video.

So far, it’s been a really quick and easy upgrade for me. How about you?  If you have a blog running on WordPress and have made the decision to jump to 3.0, did you experience any problem with this system upgrade?

Have you recently decided to upgrade to Wordpress 3.0 ?

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