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The Birth of Techronnati

Submitted by on Tuesday, 15 April 2008No Comment
The Birth of Techronnati

It was already 6pm in the evening and guess where I was? yes, still on my local workstation… and still thinking of what my blog title would be like. It was tiring yet I felt  I was soaring high ! =). With my teary eyes and aching back (from yesterday’s work out), I hastily opened my browser, sift through some web blog pages available and took an eye-wide-shot attitude on how these bloggers arrived at their titles. Without knowing, there I was sitting attentively much like a computer geek on a computer chair with a serious facade, holding a busy clicking mouse, browsing and switching between computer screens, as if I was still on-board working, hahaha… but who cares? Business-hours were over and besides deadlines have already been met which only meant my freedom to get myself busy in the blogging world. Yippee! Sounds great!

But going back, the problem was still there. I still needed to polish my blog title. I came to see around various blog posts and blog titles. Looking into, some were incredibly funny while others drove me envy for their ingenuity. But nothing really beats an original heading! It’s only a blog banner, I know but I want it something different, something unique and creative. I wanted to arrive that’s something sophisticated and classy yet simple and original. After a myriad list of titles and captions which flashed on my computer screen, nothing has captured my attention. Some ideas I got has already been taken and thus has never been that easy. Moreover, it was getting late already at 10pm at the office and so i have to move on and brought the problem on my way home.

While I was on the road, the idea came to me instantly. What if I try to combine words much from my interest? How about a phrase or a preposition as a blog title? Couldn’t help but smile and babble on street walks as if I was a crazy lunatic. hahaha. so funny (***dont act like one)!

Then on the shuttle bus station, I tried to jot down around some of the words popping up in my head. There were like… RPNOLOGY, RPNEURSHIP, TECHNOCATALYST, CORPSTECH, TECHNOVATION,TIGERPOST, TEKNORON,TECHMATE, TEKNOZONE, BLOGERATI, TEKNOPARC, TEKHNOTUBE, CYBERGRAFITTI, CYBERPAPIERE, DAILYLEAF and a lot of other titles.. mostly 2 separate words metamorphing as one name.. sounds cool right? I bet! =)  Thinking it out loud, I ideate — that for one to be able to arrive with a good and well-created blog banner, indeed, one must be unique. Something that could relate a witty statement behind one’s personal perspective … but flavored with a modern-twist … A blog that could reflect how technology has enlightened one’s personal life ….Then I started to ask. What is it that I am writing for? What are my interests? What change will this blog get to my readers?  Then i realize that I have a passion for technology… for science… for information !!! Since we’re living into the future now, and since I am an analyst/programmer by profession why not I write something that suits my interest and that will bring the best in me?  Something that I am inspired to write about, something that would entail my personal views on issues rising in the mainstream and something that most viewers would like to talk about…   And then these three main words came into the limelight.

{Tech}nology… {Ron}… Illumi{nati} = TECHRONNATI

Technology [Origin: 1605–15; < Gk technología systematic treatment. ] is a term with origins in the Greek “technologia“, “τεχνολογία” —  “techne”, “τέχνη” (“craft“) and “logia”, “λογία” (“saying“).

Ron was [Origin: Born in the Philippines Authors’ given full name]

Illuminati [Origin: 1590–1600; < L illūminātī, pl. of illūminātus enlightened ]

And now, Techronnati is born – April 15, 2008 at home in  Pasig City.Philippines

Techronnati … just like a poem, creative images, an outlet of emotions, a window to one’s soul. This would be the title of my personal blog. (I made a personal touch to the title obviously -adding my first name into it.. hehehe) Acting like an Information catalyst, this blog would serve as vehicle to drive one’s knowledge on technologies. A hybrid of a personal view is what makes this blog a good taste for non-IT Professional. Definitely I dont want to sound bore and a techy person. I want to make this blog something which doesn’t put much attention into the nerdy side of me (*** because i dont want to be one!) hehe. Though i will try to make each topic understandable to every reader as I gets along the way, please bear with me ok if I unconsciously devour some jargonistic words… you know what am saying!)  My personal blog would reflect mostly on the facets of living in a digital world and would discuss about various issues relating to science and  technologies, computers, gadgets reviews, academic, education, business world, photography, internet, blogging, money making, software reviews, programming and mostly all about urban life. And as we learn together, I would love to get your feedback too. I would like to invite you to embrace this blog  as we delve together into the  deep and exciting knowledge-sharing experiences about technologies and the world wide web.

Thank you for visiting I hope you enjoy your stay. =)
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