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Back to Basics of Blogging for 2009

Submitted by on Monday, 19 January 2009No Comment
Back to Basics of Blogging for 2009

Hi readers. I just noticed that this blog has kept me hanging for quite sometime now – imagine almost 3 months of no story to unleash? GEE! Would you believe that? LOL.
No, it’s just a hyperbole. While I was away I was busy doing SEO, learning other web technologies – SMF, PHPBB3, MySQL, Fantastico tools, and also did some personal stuffs which had completely engrossed my thought and since then had not gotten back to blogging.

Now that am back, let me thank everyone for keeping this blog ALIVE and well-read. And hear this good news… my google pagerank now has just turned 2. Yippee!! Sounds surprising… at least for me. All the while i thought i’m not doing pretty well in the google searches and other search engines. So, tell me is this just good luck? Or is it because Google has updated some technical stuffs and program algorithms on their crawlers which definitely affected my ranking? Or needless i say, should i expect this to happen knowing how long i have been into blogging?
Whatever comes in mind, let’s leave it that way for the meantime and let the engines do their thing. =)
I’ll probably share some of my discoveries into SEO in the next succeeding posts so keep those surprises hanging and subscriptions on. =)

Yes, year 2009 is just beginning and i hope to bring new discoveries, new tutorial tips, new icons of technologies and new beacons of knowledge to share. And as I extend my best and warm wishes to you for this brand new year, I hope this year brings you enough success to keep you eager, enough failure just to keep you humble, enough joy to candidly share with others, enough trials to keep you staunch and resilient, enough hope to keep you happy, enought faith to banish depression, enough friends to keep you comfort, enough determination to make a day better than yesterday… am wishing you just enough ‘coz according to Spice girls “too much of something is bad enough.” and i couldn’t help but agree. =)

Happy New Year to all! =)

Looking forward to a fruitful year,


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