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Techronnati’s Fresh New Gear

Submitted by on Monday, 27 July 2009One Comment
Techronnati’s Fresh New Gear

Finally this is it! After a considerable amount of time sifting for a new skin, modifying css, placing some pictures,  watermarks, backgrounds, adding fonts, adjusting font sizes,  putting some animations, incorporating ajax and placing widgets at the sidebar, let me welcome you readers to Techronnati’s new fresh look which is inspired by Michael Jubel Hutagalung ‘s Arthemia theme: this time with techronnati’s flavor.

Ever since i saw this professional wordpress theme with a magazine facade  as i must admit i fell in-loved with it. Its been a long time since i last changed a shirt. But thank goodness everything came perfectly well and working and oh yes am still blogging! =)

The version i have here has a black-and-white  inspired skin. I was keen on playing around only the shades of black to white or  the colors in these ranges (gray, silver tone,dirty white) for this new look. This is to significantly highlight the colorful effect represented by the icons/images which i would add successively on each post. You see, i’ve had already this overdue plan of migrating to this wonderful template early this year. However, i decided not to rush things because later on i found out it has some major implications  which undoubtedly needed my attention. Migrating a blog from one theme to another is not as easy task as i thought it would be.  In addition, i need to get a personal touch of this arthemia theme. More likely, I had to reinvent, gather some ideas, make some twists and place some cool effects to make it stand out to deliver my own version which by the way took about a quarter  of my hectic time. This is actually the 3rd time that i did a blog total makeover. I decided not to dispose the old theme but instead  use the old skin for this blog which i also maintain  => Techronnati SEO until i found a better one for replacement. =)


Photo Credit: Joss Jones

Those who may  have stumbled this arthemia theme from other blogs can confess how powerful this theme really is especially if you are  serious– i mean SERIOUSLY  INTO BLOGGING. The best thing about this  is that you can grab this theme for FREE. Isn’t that cool? The author is kind enough to make this version free. Of course you wouldn’t mind changing your own as you don’t want to appear a replica of the original or else you would sound like  ‘a-second-rate-trying-hard-copycat’ version. It would help if you know a little bit of php and css. That way you could transform the theme to something you really want….when you want it.

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