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TechRONnati Goes 2.0

Submitted by on Sunday, 6 July 2008One Comment

Hi readers and visitors. I am excited to inform everyone that from today onwards, this would be the OFFICIAL BLOG OF TECHRONNATI. =) Welcome to my personal blog version 2.0. I know it has been like two or three weeks now since the last time i posted. Inevitably, I was too busy handling a lot of projects at the office as work has just started to pile up already. Not to mention the learning curve and transition i made from free wordpress account to self-hosted wordpress environment which also took sometime before i became familiar with. Good thing is that i am mostly done with the page cosmetics, thus i can now concentrate to blogging and content. I feel i have so many ideas to share. Just watch out for the next post entries as i would be relating some of the obstacles and things i’ve learned during the process of my blog migration.

As I’ve said from previous posting i made particularly the June 12 posting, as a welcome treat to my first 1000 readers of this blog i am deciding to move my technology/personal blog from the free wordpress account to a self-hosted domain. Which i just did it, right? Thanks to those who encouraged me to do this move. =)

There are some advantages and disadvantages of doing this. You see, when you have a personal blog which is free hosted by, they take good care a lot of technical stuffs for you. You concentrate mostly into blogging and your blog’s content and not much into the page cosmetics and control of the website (well yes a little bit is needed when necessary). You never have to mess with installations or upgrades. You don’t have to create MYSQL databases used by your blog. You never have to deal with domains (unless you want to!) and programming stuffs if you are not a techy person. All you have to do is to register or sign on, create your blog, pick the best theme (the basic look and feel of your blog, they usually call this as a template), and start posting….and that’s it! Where in fact, if you’re a programmer like me, you get a better understanding of how things work together on a webpage, much more how it interacts with the backend mysql databases, some javascripting, HTML, CSS and so fort and so on. Since i wanted my blog’s layout to look aesthetically clean and organized I want to control the source and not just display ordinary dump of html codes and scripts. In short, i want my “blog” to create a TechRONnati statement!! (if there’s such word! hehe). And as i go along and do some page cosmetics to my free wordpress account, I’ve realized that some of the themes available don’t suit my personal flavor hence you decide alternative ways to control this by any means possible. I also found out that you can’t put Google AdSense or any kind of web widgets on to your blog especially those having JavaScript language/ Tag scripts which for me seemed really somewhat silly, right? Then sooner or later, you discover all the cool functionalities other personal blogs have from something called “plugins” which is verboten to you on free account. O well, talking about free accounts with limited features! That’s the idea of free hosting. I guess with these personal rants and limitations, i decided to translate these ideas into a positive beacon to step forward, thus switching to a self-hosted environment.

But before doing so, i made a quick evaluation and tried to explore, the free blog service of google. From my personal research and reviews,  I heard a lot of good news and features about Blogger hence i started to pay a visit and try it myself. You see, the next good thing about blogger is that, its pretty much straight forward just like wordpress plus the best part I really like is that it actually allows HTML/JavaScript edits to some sections of your blog. Thus i launched the expansion site of TechRONnati to blogger which has this address: . And as i move forward and learn various ways to enhance my webpages’ facade, I’ve stumbled several free blogger themes which are all nice and something “new” to my eyes which in retrospect were even better than default wordpress themes available. I don’t have the luxury of time to migrate my present wordpress blog to blogger on one sitting thus the idea of just “expansion” site was given. Time and days passed. Later on, I discovered a lot of free wordpress templates available in the internet and i must admit I fell in loved with the templates available. Clean and neat, plus ads friendly. This made me decided  to buy my own domain and start self-hosting with wordpress account.

So now that you heard my story, what do you think of my page cosmetics? I hope you like the look and feel of this present blog. If you have some questions, comments and suggestions on how to improve this site, i would gladly welcome it. You can tag me or message me via chatme online via meebo or message me provided in this page. Or you can participate and answer a quick poll about my blog =)

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