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Launching Techronnati Forums

Submitted by on Friday, 22 August 2008No Comment
Launching Techronnati Forums

Hi everyone. I’ve been really mulling over this for quite some time now. But the recent events i.e. avalanche of emails and calls from the fulltime job which is demanding my whole attention have persuaded me to push this “idea” to the next level. Just about few months ago, I was carefully thinking about creating a section wherein there is a collaborative environment between techronnati visitors, guests and friends hence Techronnati Forums was born. Some avid Techronnati visitors here have agreed to pilot test the initial website which i am really thankful for. [thank you guys…. you know who you are! =) ] but after a week of testing and doing some technical code adjustments, i decided to technically link it already to my blog hoping others could use it for their research, discussion, and to search for answers.

Hence, this is it. I am officially launching Techronnati Forums.

So, who are the target audience of this discussion board?

  • Regular visitors/readers of the Techronnati blog. All current and old discussions from the time i opened up this blog until now will eventually flourish into the forum. [I am currently synchronizing the topics but this would take me after sometime]. All readers will have the chance to interact to one another, create poll, surveys, conduct study and will be given a platform to initiate discussions or just thrown in questions out of curiosity who wanted to be enlightened. For those who doesn’t know it yet, {Techronnati} is an adapted term i created which means “Enlightened by Technologies“. It is basically a Portmanteau word coming from 3 different words = Technology + Ron  (given name) + Illuminati. So to those who are also enlightened by technologies in any way or another, feel free to share your stories in this forum =).
  • Programmers, Analysts, Architects, Business People, System developers, Website Owners, Instructors, Students, Researchers…. Everyone! Existing bloggers who are interested into technologies, Gadgets, Businesses and Enterpreneurship. Discussions on site enhancements, server administration, problogging, web hosting, site monetization can be thoroughly discussed here with the help of other developers and gurus.
  • Late Bloomers, Start-ups and individuals who are interested in harnessing blogs/blogging as a marketing tool as well as bloggers who want to promote their projects and events.
  • People interested to become bloggers. This forum will also discuss in more detail, the ins and outs of starting a blog, webhosting and other tips about site administration, site development and more. For sure, there will be more resources, articles in the future and links will surely be added on a regular basis.
  • I created the forum not to discriminate any gender, and any race. For this reason, i have incorporated translation modules into the Forum so those who are not comfortable in english can use this facility to translate to their native language [More Language support in the future so watch out for it]. Just like every club owner, Techronnati Forum has specific terms and conditions. Please read Techronnati Forum Rules and Policies and please abide accordingly.

Of course, since this forum is nearly just 3 weeks old, I’d be needing the help of my avid readers here to share their gift of knowledge and experiences. Tell us what you think. Be the first ones to post. Sign up there now.

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Thank you for visiting I hope you enjoy your stay. =)
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