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Techronnati… A New Blog, A New Life, A New Beginning !!!!!

Submitted by on Monday, 14 April 2008No Comment
Techronnati… A New Blog, A New Life, A New Beginning !!!!!

At last, I’m finally here! Do I deserve a welcome treat from the blogging world? LOL. Ok, so while everyone is busy doing their own chaotic businesses, i delve myself into this post, writing my very first missive…. but of course quietly. =)

You see, am not naive about this blogging realm. (You’ll get to know me more as we go along =) 

It’s just that for the past months and years of invisibility, I was completely engrossed in thought about my personal career. As it turned out, my professional work and other personal stuffs (which by the way, not worth mentioning here) have taken me too much involvement that my passion for blogging has gone into wilderness. Abysmal as it may seem, all I can do is sit back on the couch and reflect how life’s been good and bad for me.

But that was before.  Something came up tonight like a thief in the bleak darkness of the night. A spark of hope transcends into my well-being and look at me now!!! Can’t believe am typing my dramas of life right now. *** hehe. Ok, so much into that. =)

Again. Thanks for reading my intro. And to for making this free site. I love the way this works and the themes, they’re so cool! To my readers and bloggers, let’s have a toast as I welcome you to my personal home  page!!! =)

Thank you for visiting I hope you enjoy your stay. =)
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