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Google’s WebMaster Central

Submitted by on Tuesday, 5 August 2008No Comment

It has been days now since i last posted to my blog. Just like everyone else here, I was busy trying to improve my site’s ranking i.e. google pagerank and alexa ranks, reading other blogs and mostly learning about redirection, .htaccess and the concept about SEO or Search Engine Optimization. I guess when you started to host your own website you make it a point to make sure everything is in place and that you try to know everything what’s happening in the background. And in order for these things to happen, you need to learn new things along the way other than just wordpress, html, css and website development. Probably for non-techies out there this may be difficult as there is a need to assess their technical skills but everyone is entitled to learn especially now that bloggers swarm the web now by storm,  As they say, if there’s a will, definitely there is always a way. But if you’re a technically inclined person just like me, you tend to enjoy what you do as it becomes who you are. The good thing for newbies alike is that there seemed to be a lot of good references we can find in the net these days so just like me who is learning the facets of SEO i thought sharing my part would add knowledge to the vast resources we can get from the net.

During the course of my research, i found this cool site which is administered by google as part of their FREE services. Google WebMaster Central allows a website owner to improve his/her websites’ standing by analyzing the site’s internal structure. The coolest functions you can get from Google’s are in terms of statistics, diagnostics and management of how Google’s index your website, that includes Sitemap submission and reporting. Try it for yourself. But you need to have an account in Google to utilize this feature. So if you don’t have one yet, try to register…. besides it’s free.


I had this site ( registered on Google’s WebMaster Central. After configuring some settings on the service, i waited for a day or two for google to crawl on my site’s content. The result? I’ll tell you next time. It’s a long story =)

For more information, feel free to browse over the Techronnati boards


Thank you for visiting I hope you enjoy your stay. =)
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