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Giving birth to the Next-Generation Search Engine

Submitted by on Tuesday, 26 August 20083 Comments
Giving birth to the Next-Generation Search Engine

While wandering the internet for hours, i was lucky enough to initiate a test trial with this new search engine i just discovered by accident. Introducing,, the beta-released version has been on the playing field early of this month – August 2008. Although relatively young, the site makes it promising as the author, Shane O’Sullivan, an Ajax/J2EE expert, dynamically uses all the tricks of what Web 2.0 and DOJO Ajax Toolkit can do. Gee, such a genius!

chofter revolutionizes how the existing search engines returned search results by simultaneously searching keywords on Google, Yahoo, Microsoft Live, Flickr, YouTube, Amazon, and Wikipedia. And according to the author’s blog, there’s more to come. It also lets you to scroll the returned pages! This dramatically changes the way we view search results compared to traditional search engines in the net which only returns 10 results per page. It also allows you to search multiple categories spanning from Web, News, Images, Videos, Blogs, Books and a lot more – ALL at the same time. Wow, that’s saving us more than a quarter of our precious time rendering a research or query. Using the search’s portal compact view, each result showcases a title and summary just like a normal search engine would do. Moreso when you use the expanded view, each result displays the title, summary, and links to similar pages, cached versions of the page and for sure there would be even more updates in the future releases. Although not as aesthetically appealing (for me) as i personally compare it with the rest of the top search engines around, for a beginner, i think this is worth a second look. The initial release of this version was pretty slow for IE users but the author already rectified this issue and now it’s a breeze that i am able to search keywords much faster (am using IE, by the way).

Now, get yourself a break. Try it out for yourself-and I hope you discover it as an alternative site for searching. =)

… And to the author, keep up the good work. I hope to learn DOJO Toolkit too =)

For more information, feel free to browse over the Techronnati boards


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