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Joining Busby SEO Test Challenge

Submitted by on Tuesday, 20 January 2009No Comment
Joining Busby SEO Test Challenge

PhotoCredit: martin.canchola

Taking my journey to study and learn about SEO and optimizing web pages, i decided to join the much talked contest in the SEO World today… it’s none other than The 2nd Busby SEO World Cup Contest which is sponsored by the Busby Web Solutions. Yes, you heard me right. =) You see, I’m not really expecting to win BIG… now that’s B.I.G.  on this challenge anymore knowing i joined just MINUTES or HOURS ago (YES SADLY, VERY LATE INDEED!!!) =C. Moreover, this contest started literally like 4 months ago – on October 1st 2008 to be exact and would soon end in two weeks time at exactly 31st January 2009 (12:00 midday, Perth, WA)…Now how’s that? I know there’s no more time to get things polished but how can you ever pass up this prestigious competition knocking on your door waiting to be unfolded? Time may fall short but hey, it’s everybody’s game, right? LOL, So here i am with an open mind and courageous heart making things happen. For most of you who don’t know, this is actually my first time  and hopefully not the last to join such SEO Competition and still i claim not an expert in this field. Besides am not really after the prize money (Ow’s cm’n, lol, are you kidding?) but honestly my purpose is to hone some of my basic SEO skills and eventually learn from the SEO experts out there through tutorials and some readings about the in and out of Search Engine Optimization. =)

There’s only one purpose for this challenge and that is to rank your website at the top of google searches with the keyphrase to be used: “Busby SEO Test” . Landing your website #1 in google will ultimately make you the SEO Master Title Holder and win the grand prize of a whopping $5000. “Gee, Not Bad!”, i thought, thinking that translates to roughly around P250,000 in my local currency. I know a lot of SEO Webmasters and professional SEO challengers today are already making it into the front pages of the google search engines so i won’t be putting much effort to get this site “in” the competition. All i can do is just lay down the basic foundation of what i know about SEO, learn more on the web optimization process and hopefully do my best to get myself noticed =).  You may or may not agree with me but i feel there’s already some sense of accomplishment and fullfilment once you see your website has gotten to the top 100 SEO searches for making this “Busby SEO Test” keywords. And getting to this far on the game is already an achievement which i firmly believe is more than just the monetary reward at stake.

For those late bloomers out there, lol,  or those who are just having second thoughts about joining to this Prestigious competition, i guess there nothing wrong if you feel the “seo urge” of  joining. All you have to do is sign up for FREE with this link. Bear in mind to always follow all the rules of the game to avoid disqualification and i hope that i am following the rules strictly myself. So what are you waiting for?  JOIN NOW or you miss this once-in-a-life-time opportunity that change your life forever.

I guess am just enlightened and inspired… and I hope you feel the same. =)

Happy Busby SEO Test -ing!

For more information, feel free to browse over the Techronnati boards

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