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Hi Reader,

Welcome to my personal blog. Unleashing the Techronnati Spirit. I work as a full-time IT Consultant for a Multinational organization in Manila, Philippines and do freelance technical writing/developer on my spare time. 🙂

My friends and acquaintances used to call me Ron. An IT Specialist by profession, I moved into this blogging world as a way to release the stressful world of IT. 🙂 So basically this blog serves as my outlet and expressions of my personal rants, and thoughtful views about topics relating to science, and technologies, business and academics, money matters, internet, computers, programming, reviews, gadgets arising amidst our society today. Acting as an Information Catalyst, my goal is to be able to share and collaborate to as many people as possible about ideas relating to technologies as a whole but more on my personal notes. So basically this online blog would serve as my online notebook.

I am a graduate from a prestigious school in Manila, holding a Bachelors Degree in Mathematics. I’ve been active in the IT field for several years now and I’ve been actively involved in designing, programming, systems development, support and maintenance of medium and large enterprise applications. I am an IBM Collaborative Solutions Certified for Lotus Software – CLS,  IBM Analytics – Certified Developer for Cognos BI and a Scrum Master Certified. I’m currently working on my Project Management Certification, expanding more experiences in Analytics (**Business Intelligence and Datawarehousing) and exploring Java, Web and OpenSource Technologies . I have a formal training in Microsoft Products also, from Visual Basic, Microsoft SQL Server to Visual C++.  Recently, I’m getting exposed to MS Sharepoint and MS Power BI also. Not to mention my emerging passion for Web and Collaborative Technologies utilizing Javascript, XML, CSS, HTML5, DHTML and learning about  PHP, AJAX, MYSQL and Open Source Technologies as I go along. Now, would you say jack of all trades?  Well, it pretty seems to be the way it is and I hardly say I won’t deny it. 🙁 Basically one of the main reasons why I decided to create this blog in the first place  and that is to document my journey and learning experiences to this evolving world of Information Technology.

You see, sometimes I can’t help but think about the future. With so many ideas each person has to share and contribute, one may find it tiring while some people may find it challenging because it seems that the world is getting “techy”. But as for me, even I am hooked into finishing a LOT of “projects” at hand, I think IT as challenging and enjoying! 🙂

In this Information age, one must be flexible enough to be able to cope up and grow with the current trends. I’ve been in this field for several years now but it seems to me that I am just getting started. I learn different kinds of technologies every now and then, that sometimes pausing for a while is worth your time, you know just to recharge, but the problem is the next time you’re at it, new ones are on the trail leaving you half-wasted and as a result you probably got lost on track. But thanks to this blogging, at least I can unleash myself for a moment. =)

Let me take this time to thank all the current readers of this blog. I hope to continue sharing some of my learning experiences at work and some of my candid reviews about these emerging technologies in the mainstream. Feel free to suggest, comment and discuss your intuitive ideas over the forums. All are in place for collaboration, sharing and discussions.  I hope that in my own little way I was able to help you with your queries and that you learned something out from this humble blog.

Looking forward,


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