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My personal quotes about fireFox plugin : Colorful Tabs

Submitted by on Sunday, 2 November 20083 Comments
My personal quotes about fireFox plugin : Colorful Tabs

Just recently i got this firefox plugin installed on my laptop. It was cool. Implementing tabs in browsers are no longer new in the mainstream and many find it as powerful, great and useful especially for people who likes multitasking on their browsers. Some says it’s the intelligent way of browsing these days and i couldn’t help but agree more. Looking back, I think the first tabs i got to experience were still in Lotus Notes Workspace.  I was still using this Lotus Notes Client 4.6 version and i felt how useful these tabs were in terms of my productivity and categorizing each notes icon in my workspace.  Now the same benefit goes as it rolls down to web browsers. As of 2006 most web browsers support tabbed browsing, Opera was the first tabbed browsing interface, followed later by NetCaptor, later by IBrowse in 1999, then Mozilla in 2001, Konqueror and Safari in 2003 and Internet Explorer 7[1] in 2006. Google Chrome, released in 2008, also has tabbed browsing capabilities. – Wikipedia. I think this concept was adapted to web browsers to open the habit of multitasking when browsing the internet or to answer the need for multitasking. Reminiscing old days, i remember if i wanted to check email in yahoo and browse friendster at the same time i need to open 2 browser sessions i.e. internet explorer just to accommodate this request but doing this would mean running 2 application  on the taskbar  with different URL address or processes. Imagine doing this side by side with other office desktop applications on your computer, horrible speed problems should certainly be expected. To answer this cry for multitasking people,  innovators initiated tabbed browsing.

What is tabbed browsing?

A function in a Web browser that hides the current Web page behind a tab and presents a new blank window for continued browsing. All browsers keep track of pages visited, and clicking Back and Forward moves through them. However, after a long period of Web surfing, the pages of most interest are often interspersed between a slew of others. Tabbed browsing creates multiple browsing sessions within the same browser window.

Multiple Browser Windows
Opening multiple browser windows has always been and still is an alternative to tabbed browsing. Users with large monitors and dual monitors often prefer two or more pages on screen at the same time

Tabs in Internet Explorer


Tabs in FireFox with the FireFox Plugin- Color ful tabsimplementing-tabs-in-firefox-with-colortabs

Tabs in Apple Safari


Did you see the coloful tabs in FireFox? Yes, thats the colorful tabs plugin in Firefox.  Just by comparing each of these browsers above, the one in firefox exudes a glowing effect making your browsing experience even more colorful..

Here are some of the features of the plugin..

ColorfulTabs is a Firefox extension that colors every tab in a different color and makes them easy to distinguish. It also beautifying the overall appearance of Firefox. ColorfulTabs does one and/or more of the following –

  • Beautiful colours – A beautiful in-built colour palette.
  • Unique Colours – Colour each tab with a different colour for easy differentiation.
  • Colours by site domain – Colour each tab depending on its server/domain
    for identifying the website.
  • Custom tab colour – Give your tabs a colour of your choice.
  • Enhanced tab highlighting – Fade the background tabs to identify the currently
    selected tab
  • Easy Options – Quick tab-context-menu for ease of access to the options.
  • Colors each tab using pre selected colors in a definite order starting from
    the left.
  • Colors each tab using a unique and randomly generated color.
  • Colors each tab using a unique color depending on the site domain using
    a formula.
  • Allows user to chose colors.
  • Allows to fade the background tabs for easy identification of the selected
  • Allows quick identification of the tabs.
  • Allows quick identification of tab boundaries.
  • Increases usability and visibility for people with visual challenges.

What are you waiting for? Download the plugin now.

For more information, feel free to browse over the Techronnati boards


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