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Adding to the list of fastest browsers: Google Chrome

Submitted by on Monday, 8 September 20084 Comments
Adding to the list of fastest browsers: Google Chrome

If Microsoft has Internet Explorer and Apple has Safari then don’t be surprised if Google introduces its own state-of-the-art web browser. Google Chrome, the much-talked-about open source web browser owned by the Internet Giant – Google is currently on its beta version release.

Some of its highlighted features can be seen on their website which primarily includes New Tab page, Application shortcuts, Dynamic tabs, Crash control, Incognito mode, Safe browsing, Instant bookmarks, Importing settings, Simpler downloads, One box for everything. You can also get a glimpse of the features in this video.



If you like to hear about the story behind the google chrome then you may watch this video.


Personal Reviews:

Luckily, I had the opportunity to try this version myself. Currently, it’s only available for Windows Vista and XP, and only in 32-bit compatible machines (w/c Linux and Mac versions will be released soon). I downloaded it and took it for a test drive on my windows vista ultimate toshiba machine. Surprisingly, i must agree with the early users around that this browser seems to be one of the fastest browsers available in the web today. One thing that i notice, though, is that this version lacks the complexities as what firefox and IE can do like the plugins, extensions. I can fairly understand this as this is still on the beta version, but we could expect more enhancements and bug fixes as this browser becomes mature and more reliable in the coming days and months to come. Chrome on my initial impression has a sleek, streamlined and elegant look. I used to love tabbing in web browsers but the tabs above the address bar for this version seems a little off for me as i need some user adjustments because am used to the interface of firefox and IE. But what i do really like about Chrome is how it loads the pages really fast as compared to Firefox and safari. IE is definitely way too slow to compete with these browsers. The architectural model of Chrome is impressive as the tab processes allows for a cleaner memory management model. I guess, this must be the result of innovating their own JavaScript engine model dubbed “V8” which according to some resources i’ve just read, is to provide improvement to browser to allow: Multi-threading capability, Dynamic compilation to native code, Hide class transitions for optimizing repetitive composition of similar classes, and showcase “precise” garbage collection to keep better track of pointers to objects, and release them as soon as they are no longer referenced.

There are still lots of things on this browser that need to be polished and done like some bug fixes for Adobe Acrobat and Java Virtual machines compatibilities which i’ve experienced lately. Chrome’s security, licensing, vulnerability, and privacy issues have to be double checked also since this is entirely coming from a new model .But with a lot of support and growing fans of Google from the Open Source Community at large, a quicker and brighter response would surely be expected. And as competition gets even well and exciting, I hope we don’t overlooked Microsoft’s version i.e. IE8 as it would stir stiffer competition between the 2, not to mention other cool browsers available Firefox 3, Safari and Opera. See this comparison on Google Chrome and Microsoft Lab Test here.

[Job well done to the innovators of Google Chrome.] Now i wonder where does this Chrome bring us in the following months to come.

So, What do you think of Google Chrome? Try it yourself and see how this speedy browser could change the way you use the web. Download it here for free.

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