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How I got started with IBM Lotus Notes Domino Programming

Submitted by on Sunday, 11 April 20103 Comments
How I got started with IBM Lotus Notes Domino Programming

My career started roughly 5-8 years ago when i was hunting for an entry level job in early 2000. Although many would have expected me to become a Math teacher, a Researcher, or Operations Analyst, since I hold a Mathematics degree, I opted to take a rank-and-file role as a programmer for Equitable PCI Bank in Makati City Philippines which is now merged with Banco de Oro (BDO) Universal Bank today.

Fast Track….confident with my knowledge in C++ and Visual Basic programming brought by my formal training in college, never did i realize that i would be exposed to Lotus Notes/ Domino Programming. The company where i work for trained us to become Lotus Notes/Domino Developers. Learning a document-centric/ non-relational environment  is totally a different approach especially since i came from relational database background. But the programming syntax is comparatively the same through out that is lined with Lotus Notes Scripting and Visual Basic programming. And as i could relate, Zelina “Gay”, as we fondly called her, one of my officemates back then, pretty much enjoyed doing the coding especially how things work with business workflows. She pretty much enjoyed her new role where in fact she relatively came from a QA background. She even managed to get certified with IBM Lotus Notes 6.5 the same way i did.

Now my verdict? I love Lotus Notes/Domino! Not because it’s my bread and butter at the moment but how things can get further expanded with this great technology. I’ve witnessed how Lotus Notes Domino transformed itself from being just a legacy software to how it is now perceived as of today from versions 4.6, 5, 6.5, 7, 8…. Although i must agree to some comments held before that there could be a delay in this product roadmap strategy, fair enough, the software itself has greatly improved over the years especially now. Think about the current version of IBM Lotus Notes Client (as of this writing) which is 8.5.1 built on a rich client platform (RCP) Eclipse version … this only makes me wonder how this tool could bring more interactive Notes applications. Definitely endless possibilities! If you are a java programmer, you would definitely find it easier now to run java agents. How about linking your Notes/Domino Applications over social networking sites like facebook, linkedin, friendster over the notes client etc?   How about sending a notification email only to be approved via an Simple Messaging System (SMS) reply or using VOIP (Voice Over IP)?How about integrating JEE Frameworks (Spring, Hibernate, Struts, JavaFaces) into Domino Architecture?  The built in messaging utility which is Lotus Notes Same time is also an added great feature. See….. Endless possibilities!!!!  Eclipse is actually one of the greatest application designer softwares ever built. Three months ago, I was able to be witness how XPages got into the scene courtesy of the training conducted by a representative from IBM Philippines and co-sponsored by my employer. Much like a Microsoft Visual Studio for me with the introduction of the drag and drop feature for XPages and Wiring connections in the Notes/Domino designer client. The core libraries and functions are as richer and as convenient as using Microsoft Visual Studio releases and integrating these to Lotus Notes Domino Designer client environment  as another perspective is totally a brilliant idea.

So for you out there who are venturing into learning IBM Lotus Notes/Domino Technology you can actually give it a try by downloading the FREE versions here at the IBM Website . From novice to expert programmer,  consultant, researcher, student, or just anyone using Lotus Notes/Domino as their email platform — can get / learn / use Domino Designer at no charge. Those versions are also compatible with macbook users. IBM is wise enough to have made these licences free. So, in behalf of my Notes Client users (who don’t have programming experiences  but really wanting to learn Lotus Notes/Domino) at the office, we thank you IBM. ;D.

Hmmmmm,  now which reminds me, what could Microsoft be thinking? FREE Visual Studio licenses too? I think they are also available but just the express editions. Right?

For more details on this post… do check out this LOTUS NOTES PROGRAMMING section.

So for those who have experienced using Lotus Notes Designer Client already. What do you think? Let me here you ;D

What do you think about IBM Lotus Notes 8.5.1 Client and Designer?

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