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Adding comment(s) in Cognos 8 Reportnet

Submitted by on Friday, 28 August 20092 Comments
Adding comment(s) in Cognos 8 Reportnet

Two weeks ago, i was researching about how to place some comments in Cognos 8 Reportnet. I have lots of validation in my report layout hence the need to add program comments is as beneficial and meaningful to recall what i have just accomplished in report designing. I looked into the Documentation Guide provided by Cognos Reportnet but sad to say i can’t find any lead to my query. =C



Anyway, good thing was I was able to find answers with my research. And based from what i found, you can actually display comments using the following programming syntax:

#/* < your comment here > */#

So, for example, suppose i have a filter in ReportNet that goes like:

#/*Filter for Documents Produced under TA - Document Type*/#
(((cast([DMS REPORTS].[Pending Documents for Disclosure].[Closing Date],date) between ?paramStartDate? and ?paramEndDate?) and [Document Type] ='Documents Produced under TA' and [Project Type] in ('PPTA', 'ADTA', 'RETA', 'RDTA','PATA','CDTA'))

then this line -> #/*Documents Produced under TA*/# is treated as comment which the system disregards upon run-time. You can also use this in Framework Manager.



I heavily use comments in my reports. And as they say it’s an ingredient for a good programming practice. =)

For more information, feel free to browse over the Techronnati boards


Thank you for visiting I hope you enjoy your stay. =)
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