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SQL Loader Error?

Submitted by on Sunday, 7 February 20102 Comments
SQL Loader Error?

The other day, I was attempting to load data coming from the Mainframe thru ftp server using Oracle sqlloader but while doing so i temporarily loss my consciousness because of this error.

The procedure entry point sllfmd count not be located in the dynamic link  library oracommon10.dll


Now what does THAT suppose to mean? Seriously i have no idea.

Gladly Google gave a fairly nice results dealing with this error. And as someone suggested,  i just need to rearrange the environment variables for path such that  C:\oracle\product\10.2.0\client_1\bin;c:\windows;c:\windows\system32; comes in first in the line. But alas, it didnt work for me.

I even tried registering regsvr32 oracommon10.dll in the registry but to no avail it didn’t work also. Then Aimee my oracle officemate came to the rescue. She suggested to reinstall oracle 10g.  Since i have no other choices left, i followed her advice and luckily get it working. Pretty much it… yep. But when you do so, don’t forget to back up the old oracle data structure along with the files, especially your tnsnames.ora file. Once installed, get the tnsnames.ora file back to its original folder   and then you are all set. =)

Try your sqlldr now. That should work =)’


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