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Resolving page On line: 124 in WordPress 2.5

Submitted by on Friday, 25 July 2008No Comment

Just about 4 hours ago i was busy reading some cool stuffs and articles regarding SEO and other cool WP Plugins for 2.5 (not yet 2.6) when suddenly my site went down for some strange reasons. This error seems different for both Internet Explorer and FireFox. When my page is displayed using FireFox. this Online 124 appears. But when Techronnati page is displayed using Internet Explorer 7, the page doesn’t show up. No matter how many times I refreshed the blog’s index page in IE and Firefox, the error was still there.I got to search the internet for some answers (with this image i got below) but this “error” page seems unique in my case as i haven’t encountered this in the past. Maybe this was encountered already by some people in the WP Community but time is losing so i just decided to debug it myself. I tried to check the error log in the server but no captured log was found. Weird as it may seem because normally errors like this should be found in the error log. But this challenge eventually lead me to hint that one of the plugins might be causing this to my site…. finally i was right.

Quest for Resolution:

My first attempt was checking the error log in the server i’m hosted in. No errors found. Then i moved into my Administration Panel-> Settings->WP-Cache tab to delete the cache and delete expire. Again still the same. Then i decided to deactivate all the WP Plugins. So, my site worked! Aha, it must be one of the plugins installed in my blog. So one by one i try to test every plugin i have on my list which was kind of tiresome… (activating and deactivating it) then eventually i found the plugin that was causing this bug…. it was “Redirection” plugin.


So for some of you who might be experiecing this same error page i have, it must be the Redirection plugin in WP 2.5. Try to deactivate it and see for yourself. It maybe worth a try. Or if you still encounter other problems in WordPress, be thankful there’s the growing WP Community to help.


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