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Cognos Write Error while processing a temporary file

Submitted by on Friday, 5 September 20083 Comments
Cognos Write Error while processing a temporary file

So here i am on my desk trying to validate the FM Model i’ve just created. It is basically a simple query using XML as a datasource ( coming from a Lotus Notes-based system) which is generated on the fly when the report is manually run). But when i clicked on the test sample command, instead of displaying the expected output I see this error which is shown below.


According to Cognos 8 documentation which i’ve just read, Cognos 8 stores temporary files in the Cognos 8 install path/temp directory. The amount of storage/space required in the temporary files folder depends upon several factors, which mostly include the number and type of reports being generated at a time. It looks like that when Cognos8 server tries to load the records coming from an external XML source (via LotusNotesAgent i made), the server is generating substantial volume of data which may have reached the memory threshold resulting for this error message to appear. I haven’t figured the exact memory threshold for this yet nor had an idea as how it is calculated but i am retrieving and arranging more or less 24,000 records in my cognos report. Not to mention the summary counts on a number of columns i have on the report which may have added some burden when calculating and aggregating totals. Furthermore, as i did my own investigation, i found out that this write error has interrelated errors in cognos, mostly attributed to that temporary folder being full and may need user’s action to free up some spaces.

QE-DEF-0177 An error occurred while performing operation ‘sqlOpenResult’.
UDA-SQL-0114 The cursor supplied to the operation “sqlOpenResult” is inactive.
UDA-TBL-0004 There was a Write error while processing a temporary file


For this reason, i had no choice but to ask our cognos8 admin to free up server’s space and that to double check whether firewall existed which may have resulted this error. If firewall existed, then client PC and the content should be open so that report specification can write to the content store. Since I have no control over the server’s settings especially concerning about server’s performance and administration, what i can do is just wait Admin’s advice so i can retest the FM Model if this works. I also was advised by server admin to free up resources in my local drive in cognos8 temp folder which i did. Moments after, I resume and generated a sample test, finally it worked.



So the next time you encounter this error,  ensure that the server has enough memory to dump temporarry files  and that the temporary files directory in your local drive has adequate space. 

For more information, feel free to browse over the Techronnati boards



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