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Site Disclaimer

  • This blog, the Unleashing the Techronnati Spirit is my personal blog. All the entries, articles and stories are based on my personal opinions, ideas and observations in the real world. The word “TechRONnati” © came from the 3 words = Technology + Ron (my name) + Illuminati and this is ORIGINAL NAME.
  • I am using the site license under Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Philippines License. Feel free to distribute anything you may find interesting on my blog provided that you quote or site where you got the idea. ;) (Please refer to this article- Creative Commons Attribution Website for fair usage and reference.)
  • Most of the sources and references in this blog would come from web as well and journals i found mostly from other blogs and news websites. Moreover, you would find opinions coming from private people which i intended not to name them in my site because they have the right to privacy or anonymity. Sometimes, my idea may seemed to be contradicting or biased in some ways to others but you are very much welcome to comment or blog about it. That’s the nice thing about blogging — there will always be something to discuss upon. Let us create positive discussion and criticize positively along the process. We do not tolerate any violence or harm, in anyway, on my personal blog. I am a peace-maker and a peace-lover ;)
  • I will only write/blog about serious interesting topics around and nothing more. I do not promote nudity, discrimination, violence or anything that would harm any children or women.
  • In the best way i can, I will try to link the entries in this blog to other sites for reference as i am avoiding plagiarism. Some images pictured on this website are sourced from the internet and are in the public domain. I claim no credit for some images, and videos  featured on this site unless otherwise I noted them as original and copyrighted. The articles i write about are mostly original in nature depicting how my research went through or if it is based on my personal experiences as an observer. I tend to give my creative and reactive outlook to these topics in the most cognitive way possible. All visual content found in this site are copyrighted to it’s respectful owners therefore if you own rights to any of the images or videos found in this website, and do not wish them to appear on this site, please contact me via the contact form and they will be promptly removed. I am not responsible for the content on any external websites which are outside my domain, and a link to such site does not signify endorsement except otherwise noted.
  • Most of the time i would write various speculations and ideas and it may sound clear that it’s either my own speculation/understanding or of others which I lifted it from. These topics are subject to the reader’s “evaluation test” to prove me right or wrong. At that point, I am no longer involved in that position already.
  • Again, this is my outlet. I may not be obliged to blog but when my ideas and fingers get into ecstasy i would sit back and tell stories. Of course, computer and internet access should be available too. ;)
  • All comments and suggestions are welcome. I am not promising that I can reply to each and everyone of them in due time but I will try my best to share my ideas. Some comments on this site might be flagged as spam so don’t blame me right away if they do. We can always fix that besides this site contains akismet block spammer so that maybe a great help.

And lastly, as a basic rule, I reserve the right to amend, revise, or add to this disclosure or in any pages of this blog in the future or until someone else hits me with their constructive criticisms and suggestions. Nobody’s perfect.


Privacy Policy

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Techronnati.com takes your privacy seriously. This privacy policy describes what personal information we collect and how we use it. See this privacy policy primer to learn more about privacy policies in general.

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Contact Information

Concerns or questions about this privacy policy can be directed using the contact form for further clarification.

Thank you for visiting Techronnati.com. I hope you enjoy your stay. =)
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