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SunTech Days @ Makati Shangrila Today!

Submitted by on Wednesday, 18 June 2008No Comment

SunTech Days has finally arrived… at last! After a long wait and sleepless nights of random thoughts… the chance to finally meet those technology evangelists and gurus behind the cutting-edge technologies including JavaFX, OpenSolaris, JRuby, MySQL database and GlassFish projects has finally arrived.

With a lot of spectators, technical gurus and java fanatics, the conference today became an exciting venue for technical exhibitions and collaboration. Everyone was obviously excited! I dont know the exact figure of java fanatics who actually came in the conference but i tell you… the overwhelming greetings, waves, and roars of the welcoming crowd during the keynote remarks of the speakers are enough to honestly describe how HOT Java Technology these days….just like no other!

Tim Boudreau, a Sun Evangelist, orchestrated the fresh new start on center stage as he warmly greeted everyone – students, mentors, java developers, media, and technology evangelists during the conference. Later on, he was followed by another technology guru, Mr. Sang Shin, who never fail to bring some comic fun during the presentation. And then right after him was Geertjan Wielenga, another known technology enthusiast who discussed NetBeans for Desktop Development. Oh, did i mention java perks?! I bet! A lot of avid eyes on midair as freebies galore the place. Everyone was sitting slightly higher an inch or two. Hahaha…. expecting!

As a welcome tribute to all the avid java developers and enthusiasts, today, the focus was more on the Net Beans IDE 6.0 Platform… their latest version of Netbeans published to date. And as usual, I have my notes and ballpen with me, jotting some highlights as they discussed the topics.

On the next couple of days, speakers would be talking about features of Ajax and Web 2.0-style frameworks and toolkits, examples of real-world solutions, demonstrations and hands-on training to help boost technical competencies and the skill sets of developers. Sun has added a new technology track dedicated to NetBeans Integrated Development Environment (IDE) to be discussed on the succeeding days.

As they reitereated, there will be 2 Java development tracks sessions available…hmmm which do you think should i go to? What if i can go to both tracks? hehe

Now with so much topics to choose from… squeezing these topics for 2 days…whooahhh.. i think this is not enough! How i wish for an extension!

Anyhow… just looking forward! Till then.

For more information, feel free to browse over the Techronnati boards


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