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Tips for Loading Multiple Yahoo Messenger

Submitted by on Sunday, 8 June 20082 Comments

I know a lot of guys and gals in here are also into Internet Chatting…probably the same age when  “Blogging” came into popularity….  same goes here =).  For some good reason, i maintain quite a number of various accounts with various IM tools out there.. mostly the popular once … i have MSN Messenger, Yahoo Messenger, Google Talk accounts but i always use my Yahoo Messenger everytime i chat with my friends, colleagues and family-relatives. The problem was I can’t log on into my 3 or 4 Yahoo Messenger accounts simultaneously if i wanted to. Since the YM Messenger software only allows one account to be used at one session you have to log off and relog in with another account. What if i want it done simultaneously? Good news!!!There’s a trick guys. I thought sharing this with you especially the newbies out there… or if you havent discovered it yet…please follow the procedure below.

1. Click START on the leftmost bottom part of your page.

2. choose RUN

3. Type regedit

4. click OK or press enter

5. When the registry window appears, click the following on the registry tree (left side):


then: Software

then: yahoo

then: pager

then: Test

6. Go to the right side of the screen (under Default) then press the right button on your mouse (right click)

7. Choose DWORD value (press enter)

8. Rename it as Plural (capital P) (press enter)

9. Double click on Pural then put 1 as a value data. (Press enter)

10. Close the registry window


Now look for the yahoo messenger icon (mostly resides on the desktop) double click it until it opens another Yahoo Messenger! (wait till it opens)

I don’t know up to how many messnegers you can open at the same time. But hey I am not responsible if something goes wrong with your PC ok? I’ve tried this with WIndows XP Professional OS and Windows Vista Ultimate Edition and both worked.

If it doesn’t work the first time, try closing your yahoo messenger first then open it again. Sometimes refreshing the windows desktop is all you need to do to reflect the changes or you can reboot your PC if the problem still appears.

In addition, please do note that I’ve tried this using YM version 8 …not yet on version 9. Maybe someone is nice enough to share their experiences here =). For version 8 users, try and see for yourself or maybe post a feedback here if you’ve tried it on version 9. =)

Now i am able to do logging on to Yahoo Messenger with multiple accounts… This is nice especially if you want to chat with different circle of friends, family or officemates you have =)

You could also watch this video below for instructions, and step by step procedure (courtesy from Youtube.) Thanks for dropping by my page =) Enjoy Chatting!!!! Hit me back sometime if your Online =)

For more information, feel free to browse over the Techronnati boards


Thank you for visiting I hope you enjoy your stay. =)
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