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Tips On Saving YouTube Videos: Your Option!

Submitted by on Wednesday, 11 June 2008One Comment

Whenever i am online and do blogging, i always do visit youtube site to stream and play my favorite videos …and been consistently doing this for the past several months now =) .. i guess am not addicted yet right? hehe.. So anyway, just got this computer trick and tip while browsing… you know ! There are several ways to download youtube videos: Pls read below for the various options:

Option 1: Getting the Youtube URL and using third party website

What i initially is this: I used to go to this free website : video clipnabber or keepvid.. copy and paste the source URL address from Youtube to clipnabber or keepvid site then press Nab Video or download button. It has an option to save the file in *.FLV file or *.MP4 File formats. Or you could follow the instructions here:

Option 2: Saving youtube from browsers cache

I thought this was the easiest step i have to deal downloading the youtube files

This article tells your how to download videos, not only from YouTube, but also from other video sharing sites using Firefox. I’ll be considering only YouTube here, ok. The procedure will be the same for any streaming media. For Internet Explorer, basically its the same concept, you just need to get the file from the cache directory of Microsoft Internet Explorer. Anyhow here it goes…

Step 1: Go to YouTube website and play your favorite video you want to download.

Step 2: After the video has been loaded, open a new tab (Ctrl + T) or a new Firefox window and type

about:cachein the address bar.

Copy the location of the Cache Directory. (It’s different for everyone) .

Mine is in this path:

For FireFox:

C:\Documents and Settings\r8z\Local Settings\Application Data\Mozilla\Firefox\Profilesl1uh2qd.default \Cache

For Internet Explorer:

C:\Documents and Settings\r8z\Local Settings\Temporary Internet Files\Content.IE5\[folder]

[folder] is the random folder where you think getvideo[1] file is located. getvideo[1] is generated in this folder, whenever youtube video is played in the Internet Explorer.

Note: r8z is different from computer to computer… but whats important is you look for the keywords Mozilla, FireFox in your Application Data Folder.

Step 3: Open the Run dialog box (Start -> Run), paste the path of the Cache Directory (Ctrl + V), and press enter. You’ll now see a list of files with weird names ;)

Step 4: Sort the files according to their size. The biggest file is most probably your video. Usually, the size of a 4-5 minute long video is around 7-20 MB.

Step 5: After you locate the largest file, copy it to some folder on your computer and give it an extension – .flv

You can play this using any player which supports FLV format. A good player is the Media Player Classic which is available with the K-Lite Codec Pack. You can also try FLV Player.

If you want to convert the flv to an avi file, you can download Free Flv to Avi Converter.

The best thing about this is this trick can actually be applied to any video sharing site. The only thing is that you have to give the correct extension (In youtube, it’s .flv) to the file.

Or you could view this youtube instructions … to better visualize what i am trying to say here…

For combined instructions of both options 1 and 2, check this youtube video. Please note that same principle works for Internet Explorer. Its all about in the browser’s cache!!!

I hope this works for you because this works for me!!!! Enjoy streaming youtube videos!!!!

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