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Did you upgrade to WordPress 2.6 version already?

Submitted by on Tuesday, 22 July 2008One Comment

I know WordPress 2.6 version (codenamed Tyner) has been in the playing field already waiting for new birds to adopt the new version. The good review i found in youtube showcased the useful features, noting how worthy it is to upgrade. Here we go again. Do we really need to upgrade right away?

One of the exciting features of this version is the theme preview function. Actually this feature is nothing new. Although I must admit,  I’ve missed this feature since i got here into self-hosting. (If you’re blogging using the free wordpress account, they have this functionality.) Such a helpful tool especially when previewing various WP templates for your blog.

See this video about the cool features of wordpress 2.6



But if you want it drafted, here’s a rundown list (collected) of the new and exciting features of WordPress 2.6

Plugin Auto-Installation — In WordPress 2.5, you were able to upgrade plugins automatically; in WordPress 2.6, you have similar functionality separated by Inactive and Active Plugins.

Remote publishing disabled by default — Having the main avenue of attack for WordPress blogs be disabled by default will be great for WordPress security.

WordPress Auto-Upgrade — There’s been some early progress on incorporating auto-upgrade for WordPress itself into version 2.6.

Admin SSL support — The WordPress 2.6 admin should be able to be visited via either HTTP (normal connection) or HTTPS (encrypted connection), with the option to make admin HTTPS mandatory.

Theme preview — Theme preview functionality would allow you to see what a new theme would look like on your blog before you activate it. If you are a 2.5 version, a plugin might be useful if you dont want to upgrade yet to 2.6

Theme paging — For those of you with a ton of WordPress themes (more than 15), you’ll be able to page through them in the administration. This should be especially useful for WordPress MU blogs that have large theme collections.

Ability to move wp-config.php — In WordPress 2.6, you’ll be able to move wp-config.php one directory level below the public root. Perhaps this could also allow multiple WordPress installations to share the same config file?

Google Gears support — Now integrated into the WordPress trunk, this feature will allow Google Gears users to experience a faster admin interface, and possibly manage their WordPress blogs while offline (how cool would that be?).

Identicons — the ability to select a default Gravatar for those who don’t have one.

Post Revisions — Wiki-style revisions management for blog posts: a cool new power-feature where you can see various versions of your post, see the edits, last modified and repost the old version if you wish.

Shift-Click Checkbox Selection — In WordPress 2.6, there is an easier way to select a range of checkboxes in the category, comment, tag, post, page, and media administration sections by checking the “start” checkbox, holding the Shift key, and then checking the “end” checkbox…just like a Gmail style

Post Word Count — A feature that might be making its way into WordPress 2.6. You can now count the number of words you type in the WP Editor pad.

“Press This” Bookmarklet — The bookmarklet (which existed in WordPress 2.3 and prior but was removed in WordPress 2.5) has returned, new and improved.

It’s exciting to think about these features when you haven’t upgraded yet. But I take “migration” as a careful step as i heard lot of bugs coming from the early adopters of this version.  I decided to delay my upgrade… maybe waiting for the WP 2.6.1 release so as not to ramble about installation and other issues. But if you decided to upgrade right away to this WP 2.6 version, you might encounter some bugs along the process. Some of the WP early adoptors of this version said they’ve  experience errors in:

.- Permalinks, Category Permalinks (w/c might get fixed with WP 2.6.1)

– Categories (as see as randomly displayed in some themes not compatible to 2.6)

– Issue on Logging to WP account (some says you just need to clear your cache for this to work)

– other compatibility issues with plugins and templates.

As for my advice, if you know your way around a WordPress database and installation then go ahead. It’s your choice, just be prepared for the risk part of resolving some of the minor glitches you might encounter. Just don’t forget to clear up your cookies as you might experience login issues with wordpress.  But if you want stability, compatibility and  doesn’t want to mess up with the current blog setup, then stay put with 2.5. Let’s just wait for 2.6.1 to arrive =)

But for those who thinks and takes this endeavor as a great challenge, like boxing, then grab your copy of wordpress 2.6  ->here.

Enjoy your upgrade. Let us know your milestone so we can catch up =)



For more information, feel free to browse over the Techronnati boards

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