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Checking IP Address using Windows Vista OS

Submitted by on Friday, 30 May 2008No Comment
Internet Protocol – or simply called IP is a data-oriented protocol used for communicating data across a packet-switched internetwork. In layman’s term, this is the communication channel between your computer and the internet hence it is important to know this (especially for newbies) because this serves as your ‘identifier’ when you purchase or surf around the internet. This becomes beneficial if you happen to be a programmer or a developer and becomes handy if you are into web technologies.
For many of us who still doesn’t know how to check an IP Address on their respective computers, allow me to demonstrate this by using Windows Vista Operating System since I’m using a Vista Ultimate on my Toshiba Machine. If you are using a WIFI connection or a dial up, you have to check the TCP/IP properties of the Ethernet adapter installed on the computer. For instructions, follow the steps below.

Checking the IP Address of the PC in Windows Vista

Step 1:
Click the Pearl button located at the bottom left corner of your screen and on the Start Search type “command prompt”, then press [Enter]. Or You could browse the command prompt on the list under Program

Step 2:
When the Command Prompt window appears, type in “ipconfig/all” then press [Enter].

Step 3:
Check your computer’s IP address, Default Gateway and DNS. They should have the same first three numbers. It can be any number other than 169.254.x.x. The default IP Address is 192.168.1.x where x is any number from 100-149 and Default Gateway is In this example, we used Local Area Connection.

NOTE: If your computer is getting or IP address you need to release and renew your IP address. (you type in “ipconfig/release” (- to disconnect connection to network) and “Ipconfig/Renew” (- to reconnect to network ) after in command prompt. Take note of the IPv4 Address. )

**** For Windows XP Professional, the same procedure applies. Please see procedure (thanks to youtube)


Question: What are Ping Ipconfig and Winipcfg utilities used for?

Answer: Ipconfig shows current TCP/IP settings, “ping” is a useful TCP/IP utility to check network connectivity. “Winipcfg” is an old utility from Windows 9x/Me and was a graphic version of Ipconfig that is not used anymore.

For more information, feel free to browse over the Techronnati boards


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