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Unionbank EON VISA Debit Card + PayPal = Money!!

Submitted by on Thursday, 8 May 2008123 Comments
Unionbank EON VISA Debit Card + PayPal = Money!!

It’s been like days now since i last updated my blog. Needless I say, I was busy trying to get things moving on my blog like placing some widgets around my site, polishing some page cosmetics, and joining numerous page rank profiles… i.e. blogsites, alexa, technorati (**sounds like my own site), digg, blogflux. and among others you name it, I’ve joined them! (***hahaha, now talking about internet marketing, haha)!… In short, i was engrossed publicizing my site and making connections to my friends around! haha=). So ok while trying to get things moving, at the same time, I decided to enroll for a Unionbank EON Visa Debit Card which i have promised long time ago to link it with my existing Paypal account.

Sign up for UnionBank and start accepting credit card payments instantly.

You would probably ask me now why Union Bank EON Visa Debit Card and not BPI or any other debit card or credit card available out there for that purpose? Well, actually I tried inquiring my existing Equitable PCI Bank Visa Debit Card (** which is now BDO) to their customer service if my account is ready for Paypal or online transaction but the account officer said that the service is not yet available so i thought paypal is not yet integrated with Equitable PCI bank plus the fact that the account number on my possession hasn’t been migrated yet to BDO Card (** i opened the account in Equitable PCI Bank Head office-migration of accounts would take place on May 24, 2008 as far as i can remember). While looking at this problem, i came across some forums and blogs around the internet, which tackles Paypal and linking it to a debit card also. Later on, i found out Union Bank EON Visa is what most other users recommended so tried getting one for myself. After a no. of days of account confirmation and verification, I was able to bind it with my Paypal account SUCCESSFULLY. Yes, my very first attempt was successful. I heard some people and some bloggers around who were denied by the Paypal service and i thought sharing my experience would benefit viewers and readers alike. Let me itemize what i did along the process..this is my version of the step-by-step procedure, ok?

How to open Union Bank EON Debit Card

1. Get Unionbank’s EON Card Cyber Account. Get this debit card either by signing up online (click here) through their official website or go to the nearest branch. What i did was i went to their website and clicked on ([ Click here to open an account! ] label). Follow the instructions from there.

2.After five working days, you have to call the branch where you applied in. It’s very important to call them because this is the only way you can verify if the online registration has reached their end for processing. I called their trunkline at 84186 (24-hr call center) but please be patient. You will end up waiting and waiting. This is true even in other call center like citibank hot line and other bank trunkline so get used to it. hehe =) Yeah, call them and ask them if your EON card is ready to pick up (nearest to your place)

3.When you are ready to pick up your EON card, go to the branch… go to their New Accounts section or ask the security guard where you could claim your EON card. Better call your branch first for confirmation i suggest. In my case, i called Union Bank plaza since i am working in Ortigas area. 6347907 – direct line or at 6341602. Present your two valid IDs (with picture in the card) and pay Php350.00 for the card’s annual fee. Also, it’s very important again to deposit at least Php150.00 in your EON card, especially if you are going to apply for Pay Pal. But in my case, i intended to deposit PHP 500 since i plan to use it as debit card to purchase an item at megamall department store that would serve as transaction history for the debit card (*** this is to verify if my account is working properly and this is also needed for paypal account.) I did the deposit the same day i obtain the card from the branch. =)

4. Wait for three days for your EON visa card to be activated. The registration form you filled up should reached the Cebu branch (** i dont know whats with the Cebu branch, but the according to the phone banker i chatted last time, all the debit cards were supposed to come from that branch where these are manufactured- so before activation will take place, they (the cebu branch) need to secure for the registration form you just filled up). You may call the nearest branch or call their hotline to confirm your account. In my case, i waited for 3 days and then i went to the SM department store to purchase the item using that card (***this is just for confirmation). But the transaction was denied, i did this twice on separate days, so i called my branch -Union Bank plaza (where i will be getting the eon card) again to confirm the status of my account. Then the officer said the card was not yet activated. He did something on the computer, he asked me to fill up another registration form. (** what the heck, i said. i just filled up one the last time i went to their office) but the account officer whom i talked to last time already resigned (which was too bad – now i understood the delay) so the activation got delayed, nonetheless without anymore questions i hurriedly registered and asked the officer to activate it again. This was past banking hours already, the account officer was kind enough to have me at 5:30pm in the union bank plaza. Thanks Mon for accommodating me. =) Good thing was the next banking day, i tried to purchase another item at SM Dept Store and paid using debit card, luckily the transaction went through, meaning the account is already activated. Yahoo!!!

5. If your EON visa card is activated already, go to Unionbank website and enroll for a eon cyber account. Be ready with your card and account number and pin. Also, think of your user ID, this user ID will be your new username next time you log in to access your accounts online. Wait for three to five days to be activated. Again, call their hotline to confirm. Upon activation, you should see some history details and you should know also the status of your debit visa card. its indicated there in the cyberaccount. In my case, i had it enrolled online while my debit card was still on the process of activation. While my debit card is going the 2-3 activation processing days, i created the online eon cyber account. This is feasible since the only thing needed for cyber eon enrollment is your debit card number and the atm pin which you need to change upon receiving your atm debit visa card which i did the first time i got the debit card from my branch.

When everything is activated, you may enroll in Pay Pal. (both the eon debit card and the eon cyberaccount)

How to Open a PayPal Account?

  1. Sign-up for an account at Enter your profile. Be sure to select Philippines as the country where you live in and use U.S. DOLLARS as the primary currency. (*** Did i tell you that i already have an existing Paypal account? Yep, i have an account already at paypal before i intended to bind it with my Debit EON Visa Card. This can be done.)
  2. For the verification process, enter your 16- character card number and Card Verification Value(CVV) –last 3-digit number found at the back of the card – mine was debit card. When you are done, click on submit. Your debit card will be charged USD 1.95 or PHP 84.19 ( *** PHP 43.17 as of this writing). Dont worry this would be refunded once your debit card was successfully linked to paypal. Debit card should be with active status – double check your status on your cyber eon account. Check for history details of this transaction via your cyber account at
  3. Enter your address of record at UnionBank as your billing address that appears in your monthly statement, and for EON Visa Electron ,or use the address found in the Profile page at the online banking site. The address should be the same for both Union Bank and Paypal otherwise you will get a denied service.
  4. You need to link and confirm your debit card to paypal. Paypal will ask you for an EXP number. This can be seen immediately via cyber account online history details ( just right after you clicked on submit on Paypal. Look for transaction details something like : VISA-0288PAYPAL-*EXPUSE SG (840) .. Take note of the 4-digit number – in this case 0288. (** I intentionally changed the 4-digit in my example =) This is what they refer as Paypal Code to be used a confirmation reference to your debit card. Enter this code to paypal – confirm my card page.


So what are you waiting for. Sign up now ->> PAYPAL or click the link below

Sign up for PayPal and start accepting credit card payments instantly.

Update: Please check out this link for other money making tips and other business related discussion. Business, Paypal, CreditCards


Pls check:

Fees and Charges

Balance Requirement
Initial Deposit NONE
Maintaining Balance Requirement (MBR) NONE
Minimum ADB to Earn Interest PHP 10,000
Interest Rate 0.500% (for accounts with balances of Php 10,000.00 and above)
Visa Electron Annual Fee PHP 350.00
Inactivity Charges
No Transaction Penalty (no transaction for 1 year) PHP 200.00 per month starting on the end of 12th month of inactivity until the account becomes dormant
Dormancy Charge (no transaction for 2 years) PHP 500.00 per month starting on the end of 24th month of inactivity
Closure Within 30 days NONE
ATM Withdrawals
UBP ATM PHP 10.00 (after the 3rd withdrawal)
Non-UBP ATM within the Philippines PHP 12.00
International VISA Plus ATM
Balance Inquiry PHP 75.00
Withdrawal PHP 175.00
Withdrawal declined due to insufficient funds PHP 75.00
OTC Withdrawal Convenience Fee PHP 100.00
Fund Transfer (OUTWARD)
Send Electronic Funds Transfer to another E-ON Account NONE
Send Electronic Funds Transfer to another UnionBank Account NONE
Send Electronic Funds Transfer to other Banks PHP 10.00
Fund Transfer (INWARD)
Receive Electronic Funds Transfer from another E-ON Account NONE
Receive Electronic Funds Transfer from another UnionBank Account NONE
Receive Electronic Funds Transfer from another Bank NONE
ATM Card Replacement PHP 150.00
Transaction Diary PHP 200.00
NOTES:*** Some local banks may charge a fee on the EFT transactions sent by our E-ON account holders. These banks charge a Receiving Fee from the amount that is to be credited to the account. This is an addition to the PHP10.00 that will be charged to the client.*** For Incoming Remittances with incorrect account numbers and/or account names, a Repair Fee of PHP100.00 may be charged.


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