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Techronnati + Nuffnang = Money

Submitted by on Tuesday, 16 September 20085 Comments
Techronnati + Nuffnang = Money

I was sifting through the web to find some cool technical SEO/programming related stuffs to my blog when I bumped into this Nuffnang website ( by accident. Just about month ago, i remember, the site ( was still on it’s beta version for the Philippines viewers. And to be honest, I must say i was totally clueless as how they arrived with such Site title… hehehe.. until i recently found out from someone else’ blog that the term “Nuffnang” is actually a Jafaikan Translation for “Real Good/Cool”. Wow isn’t that cool! Now am just being Techronnati! (“Techronnati” is a Portmanteau word which means “Enlightened by Technology.” =P)


Ok, so aside from the distinguishable icon we see i.e. an artistic stick man bubbling and a Nuffnang – Philippines Flag what else can we get from this blog advertising community? Certainly a lot! Not only it becomes an advertising network but also crosslinking between social networking and blog advertising. Everything falls into the networking bandwagon these days and the call to bridge these bloggers and advertising is what makes nuffnang a reality. With the Philippines claiming to be the blogging capital of the world, I wouldn’t be surprised if someday the small island becomes the home of a new breed of millionaires. Certainly the growing and stronger nuffnang community would entice even more members to join.

Nuffnang is also jampacked with a lot of technical and ’nuff-ing features. Once you become a member, you would get the chance to add blog tracking (unique visitors and page views you got every hour) and analytics to your blog (see those light green graphs matching black background interface !), not to mention the the keywords that they used to reach your blog, referral links and the community at large.

And get this techronnatis! True enough, the early birds always catch the worm. Nuffnang is giving away five hundred pesos (PhP500) each to 68 lucky bloggers! (I wonder why they decided it 68? and not 70 or 100! hehehe. I wonder, could it be the lucky number for nuffnang? Is it whatsome feng-shui experts say? Sounds intriguing!hehe )

So what are you waiting for. Sign up now! Who knows, you might be one of the lucky 68 bloggers to get the 500 bonus… Signing up is pretty much straight forward. Just click on the Nuffnang ad unit in my side bar or icon below and it will take you straight to the NuffNang site. Filling out the form takes less time than you think. Then add your blog into the details section. Within 48 hours, your registration will be processed and you will become a “Nuffnanger” in less time. No more links added.

Hurry! Nuffnang will wait for the entries til September 30 (that’s exacly 14 days from now) and the lucky 68 bloggers will receive 500 pesos to be credited to their accounts. It’s on a first come, first served basis so sign up NOW!

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For more information, feel free to browse over the Techronnati boards



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