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Enjoying salary figures of IT Professionals

Submitted by on Saturday, 14 June 20086 Comments
Enjoying salary figures of IT Professionals

I’ve been browsing the internet this afternoon when suddenly i decided to pay a visit to (which by the way, am a current subscriber) to hear about their latest gadgets and technology reviews. ZDNETASIA.COM, by the way, is a reliable online magazine specializing in technology reviews, gadgets and business. They span a dynamic array of topics from various sectors of technology and business, thus been diligently reading a lot about their postings. Anyway, while i was surfing around their pages, something caught my eye which directed me to this IT Salary Benchmark page featuring the update on the IT Salary Trends in Asia Pacific for 2007-2008. It was interesting! The results finally came. Just like me, I know there seemed to be a lot of the avid online readers out there who also wanted to know the salary benchmark if they are competitively compensated or not especially those working in the IT sector. You may not know but I actually participated in this survey sometime of late last year- 2007 or early this year of 2008 (can’t barely remember) but in any case the results can be summarized as seen on the graph found below.


Just looking at the graph itself, you can actually see how fortunate are those IT Professionals coming from Hongkong and Singapore as they bagged the top 2 locations with the best paying jobs in the region. No wonder, the boosting economy of ASIA-Pacific and the driving force of information technology are what propelling their salary up the scale. (Now, this is really what’s keeping me motivated to work in Singapore and Hongkong. When the right price comes, who knows what could happen right? 8) ) Subsequently,  Philippines, where i used to live, happen to move on to 6th place, just slightly higher than Indonesia… an improvement from last year’s standing which Philippines was situated on the last leg. Summarizing the overall comparison with the previous year’s figures 2006-2007 , we can see relatively higher salary digits across all countries and sectors which boasted the reputation today of a soaring Asia- Pacific Region. According to’ survey, “IT remains a desirable and interesting profession, and one that has much to offer its practitioners and those who employ them”. I couldnt help but agree as i am in this field. For those making into IT shift, see the demand for the respective IT roles and an encouraging salary figures below. See….. Now your reflecting too! =)

Average Annual Salary (US$) by Country and Job Function

Job Function


IT Mgmt

Project Mgmt

Systems Devt



Other IT Prof











































In the table above, notice the various figures and salary ranges for each IT role per country. Enjoying huge paychecks are those with IT Management and Project Management roles which have been the trend even from last year’s survey. Definitely there’s an A+ for IT Management skills as they are the much-sought-after and command the highest renumeration to date. . Something to look foward to especially to those looking for greener pasture and moving on to their corporate ladders… better ask for a higher salary grade now to match the benchmark above!

Average Annual Salary by Industry (U.S. Dollar) (2006-2007)
Country Industry
IT, Web & Telecom (ITWT) Government, Education and Health (GEH) Legal and Finance (LF) Media, Marketing & Sales (non-IT) (MMS) Mfg, Services and Others (non-IT) (MSO)
Hong Kong 42,422 58,368 66,352 51,841 42,871
India 15,259 9,003 11,647 14,681 10,245
Indonesia 10,959 9,479 11,581 11,440 12,008
Malaysia 16,099 21,299 16,002 19,156 16,324
Philippines 10,899 9,125 13,455 8,062 10,300
Singapore 39,782 43,206 49,782 38,999 41,264
Thailand 29,724 28,816 36,124 15,637 18,853

This was the salary figures of last year’s 2006-2007 survey. Notice the differences from last year’s survey. Interestingly enough, we see facts that all the respondents from the legal and financial sector commanded the highest average annual salaries among the various industries which is true for both the current and last year’s survey. (Now you got an idea where to apply to 8)!!!! hehe )


Now, i’m thinking… are IT people in general really enjoying their fat paychecks? I don’t think so too, for those working in the Philippines, we know that even though that the current salary survey were higher based on the national standards, there is still this feeling of wanting to taste the greener pasture and we cannot deny this fact. With the depreciating effect of peso against the dollar, the sky rocketing oil prices and rice shortages, this only mean nothing but just breakeven to what we are receiving. How much more is the effect of those working in the non IT profession like the common household maids, the blue collar jobs , janitors, waiter, jeepney drivers? You would feel how unjust the world may seem to be. But in the end, everything boils down to one’s personal priorities and needs in life. We are bound with a lot of choices. Planning for the future is the key. For a family man, the need to compensate the growing family is important hence that’s just what makes some fellow comrades rush into exodus for greener pasture – IT and non IT people leaving for countries like Singapore and Hongkong. ( See this related article from the previous post by following this link)

There is no doubt, at least for me, that i also consider working abroad. Just waiting for the perfect time and right opportunity as i also plan to take IT certification (for Oracle) to give true credits to my present credentials so i could demand for a fatter paychecks in the long run. (I urge everyone especially my fellow comrades to revalue their IT certification as this means something as we compete in the 1st world.) Just wish me luck! 8)

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Thank you for visiting I hope you enjoy your stay. =)
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